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Zhejiang: Volunteer Service settled in local social credit convertible people.com.cn original title: Zhejiang: Volunteer Service in the local league, settled in convertible credit Tuiyou party, when the number of volunteer service as an important reference; exchange credits can be settled in the local, and children with integral admission; for the families of students star volunteers. Give priority to support scholarships, or discretionary amount of living allowance. The opinions on the implementation of the joint incentive measures of the youth of Zhejiang province (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") was promulgated and implemented in August 28th. In accordance with the views of registered volunteers in Zhejiang to reach a certain number of volunteer services, you can enjoy special treatment". These special treatment a total of 21, covering educational services and management, employment and innovation, entrepreneurship, social security, finance and other aspects. According to the opinion, in the graduate student recommended exemption, sent abroad, such as the selection of Pingyoupingxian, priority selection of outstanding volunteers. College students to participate in voluntary service into the practice of credit management, the length of each academic year to reach more than 20 hours of volunteer service, given a certain practice credits. Students participate in volunteer service in the western region and three of a help plan "volunteer service expires examination of qualified, 3 years in the national graduate entrance examination, the first test score 10 points, giving priority to the same conditions. The party and government organs, enterprises and institutions and the social organizations under the same conditions, priority or outstanding volunteers to provide internship opportunities; participate in volunteer service activities, into continuing education and Employment Evaluation Index Evaluation of professional and technical personnel. The outstanding volunteer business in industrial and commercial registration matters such as acceptance to enjoy priority, simplify the procedures such as "Easy Access" part of the application service and the lack of capacity to receive materials are not complete "(except for the laws and regulations must provide material); under the same conditions, priority access to entrepreneurship training, financial support, incubator settled and other professional services at the same time, the Provincial Youth Enterprise Association to help expand the market. Outstanding volunteers for their immediate family members to apply for pension institutions to give priority. In addition, when the number of volunteer service as a financial institution loan basis, under the same conditions, the outstanding volunteer priority to enjoy the relevant preferential policies, financial services and credit resources to tilt to the appropriate outstanding volunteers. In civilized city, civilized unit selection, star volunteers and active volunteers will also be included in the evaluation index system. It is understood that at present, Zhejiang Province, through the "number of volunteers volunteer exchange platform registration has reached more than 500 people, according to the long service volunteers will be identified as different stars. The volunteer Business Hours totaled 100 hours, 300 hours, 600 hours, 1000 hours and 1500 hours, identified as "a star" and "Star" "Samsung" "four" "five-star" volunteers. Different star volunteers, enjoy different incentives." Zhejiang provincial Party committee official said, in the absence of special circumstances, the current incentive target for 3 consecutive years without bad credit record, the five star volunteers". (reporter Dong Bishui) (MA may commissioning editor (Intern), Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章: