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Young people learn the knowledge of network security to be "four good netizens" – Sohu news on June 2015, at the second session of the national cyber security awareness week opening ceremony, the first national network security youth science base in science and Technology Museum inaugurated China landing. Base opening, the line attracted from more than 40 thousand young people across the country to experience, covering hundreds of millions of Internet users online. Pratt & Whitney for the national youth, a comprehensive national network security youth science base launched the characteristics of the network security propaganda car came into being, has become a mobile network of youth safety education science base. By the end of 2015, won the voice of youth in the future, youth network security China line special action officially launched. Network security propaganda car went to the country, the network security knowledge to young people around. As of now, the network security awareness car "has gone through Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hubei and other 9 provinces, covering more than 3 thousand schools, more than 3 students and teachers. And more than and 100 schools awarded the network security education demonstration base, the cumulative training of more than 1000 instructors. It is understood that since 2013, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Young Pioneers Work Committee of the national Chinese under the guidance of the CYL Central Network Television Center launched a project of youth internet safety education. The project aims to through the course of a series of network security education and public welfare activities, promote the construction of campus network of law, cultivating the young green Internet, civilized consciousness and good habits, establish campus network security education system adaptability, sustainable, and thus enhance network security awareness and the level of youth. In 2015, the central network information office "project" Youth Internet safety education into the joint guidance of central network information office and other ten ministries of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League "win in the future joint action of teenagers’ network security education program. The only operation, engineering youth network security education implementation unit CY odd not (Beijing) network science and technology limited company deputy general manager Xie Peng said, the network security education is the priority among priorities of youth internet safety protection. Xie Peng said, then, network security propaganda cars will also benefit more to other provinces and cities, schools and youth, for every teenager can become the "four small Internet users". Whether it is the network security knowledge lectures, network security propaganda vehicles, strange not safe desktop, as long as it is from the child’s point of view, combined with the characteristics of the child to do science education will be welcomed by the children." See the children happy to enjoy the interactive experience of network security education, Xie Peng quite emotion said. At press time, the people of Wuhan and in a continuous line of young people into the Wuhan City Youth Palace, the experience of network security interactive games, network security risk perception around, listening to the network security knowledge, popularity far overshadowed on weekdays, the most popular recreation field. Can learn network security knowledge in this way is difficult, the child is very fond of, I hope that after such an experience can be more and more!" A teacher said excitedly.相关的主题文章: