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Yang Wei Yang Yun has been acknowledged publicly for the first time the second pregnancy Yang Wei "change it in" star child has admitted for the first time Sina entertainment news program "the variety of life service." in the star third will be aired on September 20th. Olympic champion Yang Wei [micro-blog] a guest at the scene, in the program not only broke the sweet happy life of Yang Yun and his wife, a child has been acknowledged publicly for the first time! The program, in order to prepare for the replication of mysterious space need to transform the understanding of Yang Wei Yang Wei, the family’s preferences, in particular to the Yang Wei crew shooting, but did not expect to dig out the amazing secret. Yang Yangyang came to the bedroom, a group of dolls on the desk attracted the attention of the crew, said the introduction of the kindergarten graduation trip to the family when the gift of Yang Wei. However, three families have bought a doll, the special meaning of the crew can not help but ask, "why did you buy the four four?" Poke to the apex, Yang Wei smiling, exposed the secret, "this is not Yang Yun inside and." An unexpected surprise news. At the beginning of this year, the Yang Wei family to participate in a second program had expressed the hope that the two treasure, now a dream come true, congratulations. With sweet broke the news came to the scene, can not help but even more curious about what Yang Wei want to transform the space? Designers can let Yang Wei satisfied? More exciting to do in the evening of September 20th, in the "Star" variety 22:00.相关的主题文章: