Yang Mi Liu Yifei made Jingyi see women how to break the two dimension hair color boee

Yang Mi Liu Yifei made Jingyi see women how to break the two dimensional color lead: lustrous and dazzling fashion circles can always "whole" some new tricks to make people sigh designer brain hole wide open, everyone says don’t look good, but also can not help but to put these things. When the actress played the two dimensional hairstyle, they are afraid of their own! (source: PClady) actress who the two dimension up himself and recently, Yang Mi and SNH48’s "four thousand years of beauty" and Jingyi Ju changed the two dimension of hair color. When the goddess could be Lolita, exaggerated hair color and gray grandma invincible cool blonde is really beautiful to spicy eyes! Fashion big fan children play enough enough, now even the two dimension girl should strive to become! Yang Mi Yang Mi put self power power in micro-blog to be caught off guard it, this is a non mainstream flavor of micro-blog, but to everyone’s surprise, it was Yang Mi lob grandma grey wig ride so well, not only like the old grandmother, and cute little witch seconds. BOB fluffy with radian to slap the face look smaller, looks like two dimensional girl on the road of non mainstream and advanced, this is when the net red rhythm? Ju Ju Jingyi Jingyi with the "four thousand years" as a Jingyi unexpectedly abandoned Ju goddess essential black long straight hair, just seconds crooked nuts! Hong Kong, this hair color is the color value of the extreme test Yan Ju, fortunately Jingyi good-looking, tender and white baby muscle can easily HOLD live, with pale pink makeup so that the whole people like light doll. This is Jingyi Ju blonde blind baby innocent eyes ~ ~ see the blockbuster shooting scene, Ju Jingyi loose play site blonde, plus the original fairy Yan rosy lips and pretty white teeth, pure students instantly turned into a gas phase of the whole face lady, temperament big change, gorgeous, the crowd is too bright to provoke! Song Jia Song Jia, coincidentally, while our teacher Song Jia also sent flowers before a pink grey hair in the micro-blog pictures, all kinds of offbeat handsome burst out! Completely different from her past. Qiazhiyisuan, this is not the same paragraph Luhan ash hair color? It seems this transparent feeling cool hair color is to fire the rhythm wow! Liu Yifei Liu Yifei Wuli fairy sister occasionally entered a new field of two dimensional cos bold dress, conservative style, breaking the normal game, salt fairy sister is really let a person shine at the moment, but a little child Xian Qi, makeup effect gas fraction in the spirit of pink and golden hair long, with bright exaggerated hair color highlights the elfin charm, so she hit you? Jikejuan escape jikejuan escape said the baby white skin and hair color is two yuan, self luminous. In contrast, look at the two dimension jikejuan escape grandma gray, black skin don’t follow blind ginseng even called blingbling, the charming eyeliner and lip makeup can not restore the pots cold ah…. Fan Bingbing Fan Bingbing domineering side leakage Fan Ye also has a certain position in the two dimension, the whole makeup or maintain before makeup, body beauty!相关的主题文章: