Xinjiang Aletai Fuyun temperature dropped to -29.8 degrees Celsius in

Xinjiang Aletai Fuyun temperature drop to -29.8 degrees centigrade – Beijing temperatures after Aletai, people dress up, not afraid of the cold of the children playing in the snow. Zhang Shenjie photo Beijing, Aletai, November 13, (Zhang Junqiang Wang Kuan Zhang Shenjie Zhang Wencheng) after 4 days of Blizzard, Xinjiang 13, Aletai suffered a cold wave attack in Aletai area, generally the temperature dropped to minus more than and 20 degrees, with the lowest temperature China cold "said a Pacific 13 day to -29.8 Yun County Road C freeze, to people’s production and life bring inconvenience. 13 morning, people travel around Aletai have put on a thick hat, put on a down jacket. At present, the heating enterprises in Aletai actively adjust the deployment, timely after the response to the strong snow cool weather, improve heating parameters, to ensure that the residents of the home is not cold. In Seoul Hong Xiang Fuyun County in Aletai, today the temperature reached -29.8 degrees, become the lowest temperature in xinjiang. Low temperature caused a certain influence on the road traffic, the night of 12 to 13, 216 state line road sections appeared icing, local police departments promptly organized police, 24 hours of uninterrupted patrol along the line. Now, at a crucial period of Aletai country livestock transitions, in order to avoid a new round of snow weather, the herdsmen are on time, will turn to cattle pasture in winter, because the transition way lay through the state highway, local police departments in the inspection process, the national and Provincial Livestock transitions through the temporary traffic control. Also take the police car way, to ensure the safety of livestock quickly through guoshengdao. Police departments to remind the vehicle on the way in case of livestock herders transitions, must comply with the traffic police command, slow down, ensure smooth passage of livestock. (end)相关的主题文章: