Xie Yalong prison sentence 6 times to praise the court commuted to its commutation for another 1 yea-sorpack

Xie Yalong prison won 6 times on the court praised 1 years [information] Xie Yalong commuted prison won 6 times praised the court again its commuted 1 year Xie Yalong won two sports news November 3rd Beijing court commuted the Tencent issued a vice chairman, former football association director Xie Yalong foot tube heart commutation announcement on its official website, because good performance in prison, his sentence of one year minus the suggestion. It is worth mentioning that this is Xie Yalong, after the 2015 commutation of a year in January, once again commuted. Court website screenshot screenshot of the Beijing municipal court in its official announcement, "criminals Xie Yalong, gender male, date of birth in December 8, 1955. Guilty of accepting bribes, was sentenced to imprisonment in ten years and six months and confiscation of personal property two hundred thousand yuan. Now the Ministry of justice Yan City prison, was sentenced to a year in 2015 commuted. In October 27, 2016, the penalty enforcement agencies to criminals Xie Yalong won 6 praise on the grounds that the sentence of one year." Beijing time on January 12, 2015 afternoon, the Beijing second intermediate people’s court held a public hearing of the former vice chairman of the association Xie Yalong commutation case, and the court verdict ruled that Xie Yalong minus one year imprisonment. After Nan and Yang Yimin had also been commuted. According to earlier media reports, Xie Yalong performed well in prison, was assigned to the garden group, the daily work is to plant trees, flowers and grass; in addition, Xie Yalong in prison self medical knowledge, but also to protect patients at night in prison. 2012, Xie Yalong was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for the crime of taking bribes for up to 6 months, confiscation of personal property of $200 thousand, the term of imprisonment from the date of calculation, that is, from September 4, 2010 to March 3, 2021. Twice after the commutation, Xie Yalong will be released in March 3, 2019.相关的主题文章: