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Xiamen 76 year old man carrying 220 thousand cash to the court to pay off ten years of debt for the grandson of a home, he replaced the son debt, impressive. Recently, 76 year old Cai old man with 220 thousand yuan in cash, came to Haicang Court Executive Board, he had to pay off ten years of debt! "I did it to give my grandson a home, and let the child enjoy his father’s love." Cai old man said, his son Cai debt due to heavy debt, resulting in divorce, but also to leave home. After his son’s death, the old man raised the burden and raised his young grandson with his meager retirement pay. Since 2006, creditors have been prosecuted to Cai Tsai, the son of CAI old man, in which five cases have entered the execution process, with the principal amount of 158000 yuan. In the past ten years, although the relevant case is missing because of CAI, the name is not checked for the execution of property and the suspension of execution, but CAI was included in the court list of dishonest personnel, credit bankruptcy, can not live a normal life. Recently, Cai village where the old man lived in the land, the government requisition, Cai old man shares hundreds of thousands of yuan land acquisition. At this time, the old man’s grandson also went to junior high school age. In order to give grandson a home, with the father’s care, Cai old man walked into the court voluntarily, willing to pay his debts, but he asked the court to coordinate the relevant cases, partial interest reduction. After nearly a month of coordination, the executive judge of the move, reason, the parties finally reached a consensus: the old Cai Han sub pay 220000 yuan, the remaining interest to be exempt from the applicant voluntarily. Finally, five to ten years will be the implementation of the backlog case.

厦门76岁老汉扛22万现金到法院 替子还清十年债   为给孙子一个家,他代子还债,令人动容。   近日,76岁的蔡老汉带着22万元现金,来到海沧法院执行局,他要代子清偿十年欠债!“我这样 做,是为了给孙子一个家,让孩子能享受父亲的关爱。”蔡老汉说,他的儿子蔡某因负债累累,导致夫妻离婚,还为此远走他乡。儿子跑路后,老汉挑起担子,用他 微薄的退休工资抚养年幼的孙子。   从2006年起,陆续有债权人向法院起诉蔡老汉的儿子蔡某,其中有五个案件进入执行程序,涉案标的本金达158000元。十年来,相关案件虽因蔡某下落不明,名下查无可供执行财产而中止执行,但蔡某被法院列入失信人员名单,信用破产,也无法过正常人的生活。   近日,蔡老汉所在村居的土地遇到政府征用,蔡老汉分得几十万元征地款。这时,老汉的孙子也到了上初中的年龄。   为了给孙子一个家,有父亲的关爱,蔡老汉主动走进法院表示愿意代子还债,不过,他请求法院协调相关案件,减免部分利息。   经过近一个月协调,执行法官也对申请人动之以情,晓之以理,最后各方当事人达成一致意见:由蔡老汉代子支付220000元,余下利息申请人自愿予以免除。最终,五件十年的执行积案终得以案结事了。相关的主题文章: