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Xi Jinping mentioned in the Bayi School of Maradona and – Sohu news [learning group press] September 9th, the city of Beijing, Bayi school came to the city of. People’s Daily reporter, visited the general secretary and face to face some teachers and students. Such as: witness: Chen Zhonghan (Bayi school retired teacher) witness: Chen Qiuying (writer of children’s Literature) witness: Shen Jun (Bayi school principal) witness: Wang Shenghe (the second grade students of senior high school): witness Zhang Dongliang (the sixth grade students) experiences: Cui Ziyuan (the second grade students of senior high school Li Xinping (81) school mathematics teacher (Wang Kunlun) Wang Jianwen (School of politics teachers 81) Bayi school language teachers), etc.. This replay, revealed a lot of exclusive details. As a witness, Chen Zhonghan (Bayi school retired teacher) said: meeting today and the general secretary, summed up in one sentence: I feel his brain is a computer, a large amount of storage! Xi Jinping’s junior high school language teacher Chen Qiuying said: when the end of the investigation to say goodbye, I patted his arm, thumbs up to him: "you are our pride!" Three feet of the podium, I am proud to have teaching, students world. Zhang Dongliang (grade six students) said: Xi also mentioned the grandfather of Maradona and Messi, I hope that China is also the training of football players like them……. Cui Ziyuan (high school grade two students) said: I and a few classmates together designed four cartoons to welcome grandpa. One is his speech to the world, let the world hear the voice of China; one is learning grandpa playing football; a picture of "China refueling"; another, he is holding an ice cream in his hand. More details, see the original. Visit the general secretary of the Bayi School of the country, it will respect teachers. The people’s Daily reporter Du Shangze Zhang Shuo, thousands of years of history, life and growth in nature, the reason why the Chinese nation passing the torch, because continuous pursuit of the spirit and the spirit of personality, spirit. Respecting, Chong Zhishang, this is one of the fine traditions of the Chinese nation, is the spirit of One principle runs through it all. In the thirty-second teachers’ Day is approaching, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping to visit condolences Beijing Bayi school, teachers and students, to extend holiday greetings and sincere greetings to the majority of teachers and educators. Here is the general secretary Xi Jinping’s alma mater, a brick with a warm memory. His visit is not only the guidance of education direction, is also a kind of means that the tradition of respecting teachers cannot be lost, that education in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on the road an important component. Is the so-called, "the country will be Hing, you will have to re master and fu". China has 15 million 390 thousand teachers, 510 thousand schools, 260 million students, with the world’s largest education system. Education affects millions of households. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed at the time of inspection, China is in the best period of development in history, but to achieve the goal of the two years of one hundred!相关的主题文章: