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Wu Yifan Burberry spokesman   fine big names have enabled 90 fashion endorsements — people.com.cn yesterday, the British hundred years of luxury brand Burberry officially announced the Chinese actor and singer Wu Yifan as a brand new spokesperson, it is understood that this is the first Chinese global brand spokesperson. Since January this year, 90 little meat Wu Yifan as a model for the brand identity 2016 January menswear show catwalk and series finale curtain call, wonderful interpretation of fashion series, Burberry and he established a long-term good relations of cooperation. Wu Yifan as a model for the brand identity in January 2016 men’s show series finale and Wu Yifan also on the catwalk curtain call shortly before the visit of Burberry in London "craftsman houses" (Makers House) attended the conference site, and the first watch Burberry transformative "look to buy" series September fashion show. Wu Yifan debut series September fashion show with Wu Yifan Burberry chief creative officer and chief executive Christopher Bailey Wu Yifan Burberry in London debut photo "craftsman house" (Makers House)   Conference; Wu Yifan was born in 1990 as EXO combination of members of the official debut in 2012, and served as captain, EXO EXO-M Rapper, the main window to play. In South Korea during development, gathered a lot of popularity and fans of Wu Yifan on 2014 officially return to development, then, the male god level little meat in domestic popularity is soaring, shadow, visual, fashion, song…… Almost every field has his shadow, the comprehensive strength and reputation reputation for the popular niche commercial value is high, the endorsement of this year alone with Bvlgari, Mercedes Benz smart Ray-Ban brand, Ray-Ban and many other big names, gold absorption capacity should not be underestimated. This time, Wu Yifan to Burberry, spokesman for the brand to become the first non British and abroad, also are the status of Wu Xiao Ye certainly the largest. (commissioning editor: Liu Boxue, Li?) in recent years, young people occupied in the high-end consumption proportion rising, 80, 90 young people began to become the main consumer, in order to adapt to the market development, brand rejuvenation of various brands was put on the agenda, many international big brand endorsements have enabled 90. Chanel spokesman CHANEL Rose: Lily Depp (1999 2015), Hollywood superstar Johnny? Depp (Johnny Depp) and the famous French actress Vanessa? Paradis (Vanessa Paradis) the daughter of Lili? Ruth? Depp (Lily-Rose Depp) for the first time to join Chanel as the new brand ambassador, and was invited as Carle Lagerfeld? Chanel Pearl series glasses ads. In May this year, Lily-Rose Depp once again launched a new fragrance for Chanel N° 5 L ‘EAU five)相关的主题文章: