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Written in CCF-GAIR: This is the best time of AI – Sohu technology Lei Feng press: author Li Chao, go ask NLP engineer. The article is his participation in the August Lei Feng CCF-GAIR after the sentiment, some of the summary of artificial intelligence, as well as how to do personal business intelligence products. August is lucky enough to receive Lei Feng network (search for "Lei Feng" number of public concern) invited to participate in the CCF-GAIR conference, glittering guest groups and tall on the grand meeting since Needless to say. As an engineer who has been engaged in NLP technology and related products, write some personal ideas and harvest. Mainly divided into three parts: the first part is the artificial intelligence is what, not good at what the field; the second part describes under the people participating in machine learning, vision and other work; third part written on how to do personal thinking on artificial intelligence products. What |AI is good, not good at what the computer science department of University of Oxford, director of the Deep Mind-Oxford Partnership for Michael Wooldridge Professor entitled "Routes to Artificial Intelligence" report of the conference, the speech raises questions about long time, summed up the following thoughts a little bit. Artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) referred to as AI, was put forward in 1955 at the Dartmouth meeting John · Mccarthy defines it as "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines" (Science and engineering of making intelligent machines). 70 years of the last century AI after the bubble burst, the concept of silence for a while, researchers and engineers. Says he is the study of artificial intelligence, but into various fields of machine learning, data mining, Natural Language Processing, speech recognition, image recognition etc.. Machine learning is a method of data mining, natural language understanding, speech recognition and image recognition is the target and specific applications. So far, the progress of AI is mainly the progress of machine learning. In recent years, the improvement of computing power, the accumulation of big data on the Internet, the depth of learning has been applied in speech recognition, image processing and other fields and made a great breakthrough. The concept of artificial intelligence has been academic, industry, investors and even ordinary people concerned, especially this year AlphaGo victory over Li Shishi, it is AI to the highest point in history, the people have to return to the specific areas of artificial intelligence arms, the author can brazenly say they are practitioners of artificial intelligence. Do not tangle various definitions of artificial intelligence, the current scholars will be divided into strong AI and weak AI AI. Strong AI is universal, self aware, is free, is simply a person with the same intelligence, Star Wars R2-D2, La A dream is a strong artificial intelligence, have their own sense of self, can do.相关的主题文章: