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Women try to wear bracelets stuck home shopping malls removed after the return rejected the original title: woman helpless cheap Bracelet "wear" home for respondents figure the figure   trainee newspaper reporter Fu Hao to the jewelry counter selection bracelet, but try not get down, I had to pay money to "wear bracelets" to go home, is not easy to find help take down, they don’t willing to return. Try not to wear a bracelet down Ms. Yang said, October 30th at 2 in the afternoon, she and her friends went to Jianghan Road new century department store ding Chang jewelry counter tried a price tag of $32800 jade bracelet. When the clerk said this bracelet discount activities, as long as 6000 yuan, love can try, Ms. Yang will appreciate the bracelet worn on the left hand, the bracelet not get down, starting at 3 o’clock to 5:39, repeatedly tried more than two hours later, her hands are swollen, bracelets or take do not come down. The clerk said she could not go through the mall, the money directly to the counter, the counter opened the receipt after she took the bracelet, bracelet can be returned after taking a refund. The two sides bargain, the bracelet price set at 4000 yuan. Worry about the money directly to the counter, remove the bracelet after the return counter admit, Ms. Yang would like to put forward the invoice by the mall, the teller said it must cut off the tag bracelet, she still can return to. The two sides after repeated consultations, Ms. Yang finally credit card spending 4000 yuan, and wearing the bracelet. In November 3rd, the hand swelling, Ms. Yang asked people to use liquid detergent, soap and water on the palm of the hand, arm bracelet, bracelet will finally went out, was very excited. Yesterday morning, Ms. Yang and friends excitedly holding bracelets and shopping invoices to return, but they do not want to return the counter. Thus, the newspaper news hotline for help. After taking down and refused to return yesterday afternoon, the Wuhan evening news reporter and Ms. Yang came to Jianghan Road new century department store Dingchang jewelry counter to understand the situation. The clerk surnamed Li, the factory will be put inside the bracelet goods label, the company will sign the price tag on the goods, identified these two labels and bracelets and is one of the goods. At that time, Ms. Yang was trying to sell 6000 yuan bracelet, bracelets that do not get down, she proposed by Ms. Yang’s money and counter deposit receipt, to return in two case of off label. Later, Ms. Yang and she said that she wanted to buy this bracelet, hoping to sell her cheap. This shop two times call for Lee to regional sales manager, will be the final price set at 4000 yuan, and after her consent to the bracelet price tag standard cut off, did not expect to return now to Ms. yang. And Ms. Yang did not buy the quality of the bracelet, and now two labels are not on the bracelet, the impact of the sale of goods for the two time, and therefore can not return. Eventually, after the mall staff, jewelry counter clerk and Ms. Yang repeated consultations, the final counter to the internal price Bracelet sold to ms.. Lawyers to remind you to try to be cautious, in this case, the counter should be returned? Hubei Puming lawyer Qiu Hua believes that this matter should see the seller and the buyer had to face相关的主题文章: