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Alternative Written by chicagohealers.com practitioner Dr. Helen Lee – As Dr. Bruce Lipton discusses in his book Biology of Belief, we are downloading information about how to survive in our environment/world directly into our subconscious (automatic) mind from the womb till about 6 years old! This information includes such things as: what we should do, whats right/wrong, how to dress, look, act, when to talk, how to talk, what to say, what will get us praise or punishment. These tapes or beliefs are automatically running in the background of our minds and are the foundation of how we perceive and experience life. Some of these subconscious belief have cultivated women in our and many other societies alike to give more than to receive. Of course its wonderful to give but from a place of wholeness and not at the expense of ones own self. Giving from a place of tiredness, guilt, have to, theyll love me if, etc. on an energetic level causes dis-harmony. The person receiving may begin to expect it, depend on you , no longer have gratitude in return and therefore never cultivate their own ability to give. How do we increase harmony on giving & receiving? A great start is for women to put themselves and their needs priority. Would you drop everything for your child or friends need? Would you do the same for yourself? Would you want to see your friend/daughter doing so much that they are stressed, getting sick, and/or no longer connected to their own desires/needs/passion? How well do you receive from others? The more you take care of yourself, the more connected we are to happiness and fulfillment. From this place of wholeness we have more energy, we are able to give without as much effort, without feeling taken for granted, overwhelmed or drained. Create new beliefs that allow more harmony & happiness so that you can give from harmony & happiness. Simple Steps to Putting yourself priority: Its OK to say NO! Practice listening to your gut when you want to say NO. Pause before automatically saying yes to please, take a breath and then NO! Say YES to ME TOO! Devote whatever you can 10 minutes or and 1 hour everyday to do something you LOVE. Eg. Listen to music, dance, take a bath, journal, sit alone looking out the backyard, etc. SIMPLE things are the best to cultivate habits. Say YES YES YES YES to receive when someone offers to do something for you. Let go of oh no, I can handle it! Create a day when your family takes care of youcooks dinner, lets you watch your TV programs, leaves you to your book, makes lunches, etc. Have fun and remember its a practice. The more you honor your own needs/desires the more others will do the same for you. Sources: .bellaonline.com/articles/go .brucelipton.com/articles/the-nature-of-dis-ease/ ChicagoHealers.com mission is the education and advocacy of natural medicine and a holistic lifestyle. Please give credit to the original author when republishing all or part of any article. Also, kindly link back to .ChicagoHealers.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: