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Women can not stand to parents forced marriage network to find a boyfriend cheated about 400000 reporter Li Wenwu for many older youth, find the object is the most important issue, many people choose to register in the network to find the object of marriage. But the process to find the object must keep a watchful eye, otherwise it may be both life and wealth. 8 am, Chongqing, a girl in her early years, Ms. Wong called the Chongqing times hotline, tells her to find the object before and after the love and marriage network cheated by about 400000 of the past 30…… Parents forced her to try luck, Ms. Huang lives in the main city of Chongqing marriage nets, 30 early this year, early to marry, although Ms. Huang didn’t feel what, but the family is very anxious. Parents continue to let marriage, Ms. Huang decided to try his luck dating website. At the end of March, she registered in a famous domestic dating sites, and their photos and requests posted on the internet. Wong photos released, there will soon be a man accosted. After the two plus WeChat, Ms. Huang found that Li Minghao called handsome lad, the ornamental and the combined plain properties. Warm man claiming to work in Hongkong, from the early to late chat chat, Ms. Huang found this man not only looks handsome, but also very concerned about people, it is a warm man. The Chongqing Times reporter saw the man with the yellow lady’s chat, it is very disgusting, don’t know how long, "my wife" from the mouth. "Every day I find chat, every morning to start chatting, from the morning to the evening, care about me, care about my family." Ms. Wong recalled that time, now think of each other from the beginning of the next big game, what are you concerned about, you do not eat ah, you go out with sunglasses do not ah, you do not have an umbrella." Even in the middle of the night, warm man is still constantly concerned about her. Warm man claiming to work in Hongkong, the unit is Hongkong Haitong International Securities Group Co., Ltd., a customer manager. A fox’s tail opening should borrow money so probably talked for two months, two people have been very familiar, warm man told Ms. Huang, his parents died, is an orphan, tears still video chat. Due to too much trust in each other, Ms. Wong said to warm men and no doubt. "He told me that he was playing for the purpose of marriage, and I trusted him." Wong recalls, and so the relationship between the two is very familiar with the trust, and suddenly one day warm men to borrow money from her. He said that in order to share a home, said to fry futures, a good opportunity to stock up, but also sent some I do not quite understand the Hang Seng Index analysis." The first time was $6000, and then there was a time when a customer wanted to emigrate, and he needed money…… Selling jewelry mortgage house, cheated about 400000 in this way, a trust, Ms. Huang were "borrowed" about 400000, "these are all the money I borrowed from relatives and friends, but also sell jewelry, I have the mortgaged houses." Every time, when Ms. Wong has some doubts, the warm man began to cry on the spot, with the identity of orphans, the future of the family to deceive MS wong. After the yellow lady remitted about 400000, warm men have been completely out of the family background of Ms. Huang, Huang asked the parents to go home, continue to give him money, Ms. Wong did not agree. MS wong.相关的主题文章: