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Wine | 850 enjoy 97 points and tender Pichon red Wine – Sohu and people sometimes ask Xiao Bian why small love Bordeaux (Bordeaux) Wine. The answer seems obvious: because Bordeaux has hundreds of known to the world winery, the winery brewing out every bottle of wine makes people extremely intoxicated. But in addition, the reasons for the small love Bordeaux and the history and culture here. Bordeaux Mingzhuang does have hundreds, but each of these wineries, has a little more or less, a little story. Bordo May Docker (Medoc) region has a pair of twins, and today Xiaobian recommended wine is the "phoenix" brewing wine — 2015 Chateau Pichon Wine (Chateau Pichon-Longueville Comtesse de red Lalande, Pauillac, France). First look at the 2015 Chateau Pichon Wine red highlights! One of the most famous two village of Bordeaux, because of its excellent quality, is considered to be "super zhuang". Now, the name of the Duchess hardly unknown, giving full face. 2015 New Year’s wine! James · suckling score: 96-97! Li Zhiyan points: 96 points! "Wine advocate" score: 95-97 points! The world of wine wine exclusive best price low to 850 yuan per bottle, "Wine search engine" (Wine Searcher) 2015 year Wine Chateau Pichon red for the price of 872 yuan (the above price is only wine sales price, excluding taxes, insurance and freight). One of the world’s most popular hot wine! "The latest search information Wine search engine" provided, Chateau Pichon red Wine search rankings ranked 19, the popular consumer attention. The wine for wine name: Chateau Pichon Wine (red wine is not filling, the picture is for reference only) Name: Chateau Pichon winery regions: Pauillac (Pauillac): two class: 2015 Zhuang grape picking the year (wine) grape variety: 68% Cabernet Sauvignon, 29% Melo, 2% Cabernet Franc and 1% flavor and James · suckling (JS) score: 96-97 Li Zhiyan (JCL): 96 points "Wine advocate" (WA) score: 95-97 stage before tax price: $850 (the price is only wine sales price, excluding taxes, insurance and freight) since it is wine and wine story attracted small, then take a look at the winery’s story. Chateau Pichon to clear the former suzerain the big wine story in an article is almost impossible. So we went from the table most often talk about the story start. Chateau Pichon (Chateau Pichon!相关的主题文章: