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TechBlue Software is a recognized leader in the Software Development field, having helped a range of organizations in their mission to cut down their costs while retaining or increasing the level of quality of their software. TechBlue Software provides solution for small and large businesses. TechBlue Software can provide an entire gamut of offshore services to your organization, and all services are backed by a rock-solid Guarantee: The latest development include secure and cost effective Active Directory Password Reset solution, providing a secure way for password reset, password change and account unlock capabilities. Techblue Software provides the utility to reset password and enrollment. 1.Software Development Services in various Technologies 2.Product & Application Development Services in various Business Domains. 3.Self Service Operation: Users reset passwords and recover accounts on their own. 4.Password Reset Anywhere: Reset passwords from any login dialog. ADPR adds a "Reset Password" option. Active Directory Password Reset Solution will save your .pany time and money by relieving your Help Desk and Network Administrators of fielding password calls and allowing your users to reset their own passwords without having to sit on hold with your Help Desk line. ADPR provides a secure way for password reset, password change and account unlock capabilities. Active Directory Help Desk Management has a lot of importance in the Active Directory Management process. As organizations grow, additional resources like networks, system maintenance, and admin tasks also grow at a similar pace. It be.es difficult to manage Active directory in efficient and timely manner. Fortunately, Active Directory Manager provides the much-needed ability to assign routine Active Directory Management and support tasks throughout the .anization with its powerful ‘ Techblue Help Desk’ feature. It allows the Active Directory administrator to assign all the tasks to non-administrative users like employees that are working for help desk technicians, with limited or full authentication and authorization controls as per administrator requirement that will reduce the workload on the Administrator (ADPR). About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: