Why driving test fail the exam Hong Kong Master teach you Eight Tips dingxiangwuyuetian

Why driving test fail the exam? Hong Kong Master teach you eight tips when all follow the coach’s method, they usually have to practice, how to exam would fail the exam. Can not help but suspect that he really is not driving this material?! Hong Kong well versed in driving remind you don’t fail the exam because it self denial. Whether it is car or other things, first of all have confidence, then go all out, Tolstoy also said "determination is power, success is confidence." The famous saying. Well, confidence is full, well versed in Hong Kong School and then teach you to learn to drive eight. First, adjust driving posture correct driving posture on safe driving is very important, not only can eliminate the fatigue driving for a long time, to ensure good driving vision, but also can make the driving action more accurately and quickly and reasonably. Driving position and steering wheel and seat. In the driver’s seat after sitting, first of all should be deeply seated at the back of the seat, make the waist and shoulders against the back of the chair. First feel the front and rear of the seat and the backrest angle is appropriate, and then stretched his arm in front of the nature of the steering wheel on both sides. At this point, the wrist must be free to bend, free movement. Legs have a certain space, foot clutch pedal, brake pedal and the accelerator is not easy, but do not have to lean body, this position is the basic right of the. If not, you can slide the seat position, or adjust the seat back angle, so as to meet the above requirements. Don’t be too nervous to drive, many new road after the initial often feel back pain, mainly because it is not sitting, the body too much tension, so that the whole body stiff rivalry with the car, it can hardly be avoided the backache. In the course of driving, do not always maintain a position to drive, to adjust the posture, in order to eliminate fatigue. At the same time remember to adjust the seat must be fastened seat belt! Two, a good grasp of the steering wheel position adjustment, the next is the steering wheel grip and operation. Holding the steering wheel position, steering wheel with two hands held the 3 and 9 o’clock direction (i.e. horizontal sides) when the elbow microbend is the best, because it can make the arm full activities of the regional rapid operation of the steering wheel. Do not hold steering wheel firmly, but gently hold the outer edge. A lot of new hands always grip the steering wheel, resulting in a large number of sweat hands, affecting the accuracy of the action, but also prone to abnormal shift steering gear when the shift, buried the hidden dangers of accidents. Steering wheel operation according to the speed of the vehicle has different degrees of steering action. The higher the speed, the smaller the rotation of the steering wheel. When rotating, both hands should be operated to push the steering wheel with one hand and the other hand. The automatic steering wheel return function, in the fast rotating steering wheel can relax the palm of your hand quickly back on their own, but are not allowed to rotate on its own, his hands still holding the steering wheel can keep control of the state. Three, familiar with the position of the gear is usually the location of the distribution will be clearly printed on the shift lever handle, when you sit in your car is not familiar with, familiar with different gear is the first step. The following steps can be used to familiar with the block. 1 do not know where the car gear.相关的主题文章: