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Who should not drink chrysanthemum tea? Drinking chrysanthemum tea attention – Food Channel – People’s original title: which people should not drink chrysanthemum tea? Autumn attention Chrysanthemum Tea not drinking tea is Chrysanthemum Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea can help us under fire, but not everyone is suitable for drinking Chrysanthemum Tea. In order to make everyone more correct to drink chrysanthemum tea, the following together to understand the drink chrysanthemum tea should pay attention to what. Good to drink with fire Chrysanthemum Tea Chuzhou chrysanthemum. Chuzhou chrysanthemum aka "Chrysanthemum" and "chamomile", is a kind of chrysanthemum petal most closely. The golden flower petals, white crystal jade, known as the "gold heart valve five". The strongest effect of Chuzhou chrysanthemum dispelling wind and heat. If there is a dry throat, hair dark hot cold symptoms, drink some chrysanthemum can alleviate. Eyesight with chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum is also known as "Mount Huangshan chrysanthemum", because in ancient times as a tribute to the emperor, named "chrysanthemum". Chrysanthemum flowers white, greenish pedicle. Brewing for a long time, even the tea will become green. Besides easing some cold, Liver eyesight, liver function is more prominent and seductive. Chrysanthemum tea and add some wolfberry, eye for computer family. With the chrysanthemum qingyan. Chrysanthemum flowers large, divided into Hangzhou White Chrysanthemum two, chrysanthemum taste some more sweet. Compared with chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum dark flower is more obvious, bubble open petals fall off easily. The strongest effect of Chrysanthemum morifolium qingreliyan, sore throat, drink chrysanthemum best. Anti-inflammatory with wild chrysanthemum. Compared with the above several home chrysanthemum, wild chrysanthemum flowers smaller and more yellow, flower shape is not very good, some of the heavier cold. The strongest effect of chrysanthemum detoxification heat swelling, are effective in relieving toothache, sores, bad breath, now the study found that chrysanthemum anti-cancer effect is also very strong. However, generally do not drink chrysanthemum, so as not to damage the spleen yang, causing stomach discomfort, bowel, loose stool and other adverse reactions. At the same time, drink chrysanthemum tea must pay attention to what is it? Pay attention to the physical and physical condition of chrysanthemum tea. People with allergies if you want to drink chrysanthemum tea, you should first try to soak one or two, if no problem, but also should not drink too much. The chrysanthemum cool, with a bad stomach including easily diarrhea who do not drink; physical treatment, especially the usual cold, easy cold hands and feet of people should not be drinking. In general, the most suitable for Chrysanthemum Tea dizziness, red eyes, sore throat, "anger" and people with high blood pressure to drink. Careful selection of chrysanthemum. There are many kinds of chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum tea with white chrysanthemum. The common commercial varieties of chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum morifolium, Mount Huangshan, they can drink tea. However, it is best not to drink bitter wild chrysanthemum. Add sugar to be careful. Drink Chrysanthemum Tea, people tend to love with a few sugar to increase the taste. Although Chrysanthemum Tea plus rock candy is possible, but for diabetes or high blood sugar people, best not to add sugar; there are some deficiency people should not add sugar, because sweet tea will lead to sticky mouth or mouth, saliva more sour. In addition, people are not aware of their physical Chrysanthemum Tea drink is not add sugar as well. Brewing method. )相关的主题文章: