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What constellation man thought most difficult to grasp (Figure) which constellation man thought most difficult to catch the most afraid of love is love the wrong person, but you are lovers eat dead objects, like yangruhukou, makes you want to escape can not escape out of Valentine’s palm, let the stars – stars to a factory actually, what sign a bad move? How do you put an end to their bad move? (please refer to the sun and rising signs: Aquarius) NO.1 flower can be said to be the Aquarius classic trick they think more than foot boat more exciting, infatuation, love for their love in the dictionary is invisible, not enough to allow them to sacrifice everything for love, and they hate the regularization of the mode of communication and this will make them feel wrong, get along with long time, they do not want to trouble the object. As the Aquarius lover you get along with them, don’t always remind themselves in love, completely without touch their hearts, is the most perfect way. So you should learn to be independent and inclusive, although they think more than foot boat before stimulation, but if the Aquarius they tempted, not only can temporarily eliminate their full set appointments, or even get rid of the idea of Oh! NO.2: Scorpio, Scorpio is strictly press the habit, they have a lingering fear for love, which they fear of betrayal and infidelity, fear of rejection, so they prefer in the beginning of love, is very careful to protect the love, will try to control each other, of course, it will also make Scorpio and lovers together, under great pressure, and even trying to escape the palms of their hands. But you don’t use extreme way himself to fire, threat or do things carelessly broke up a fight off these are Scorpio, the most hated the way, although they sometimes practice very extreme, think this is a good reason to love, but if you really make them mad, I’m afraid to do out of things, you do not dare to love of mine, suggest that you remain in a proper sphere when a lover! NO.3: Libra narcissism is the nature of Libra, they are good at sweet words, will be pleasing to the lover. No matter what they said how much love you, how about you, but in fact they Libra heart, actually only worship themselves, that they have absolute charm, wherever the body exudes a unique aesthetic temperament, and they sometimes deliberately scolded in front of my lover, or self ridicule, as a Libra lover, do not follow their connexio, either directly, or intentional language words, to ensure their attitude will have big change. Libra they can bear this blow, although they seem indifferent, in fact, the heart is bleeding, so in this case, suggest you talk or mildly, so as not to hurt their sensitive fragile heart. NO.4: Pisces love the supremacy of Pisces, with a mild personality, the pursuit of love is always spared no effort to the world, but do not think that they are very good bullying pisces!相关的主题文章: