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Arts-and-Entertainment The Pampered Chef is one of the fast growing MLM businesses and it is attracting new interest on a daily basis. This company has been around for a number of years and there are many sales directors that will tell you how easy it is to earn a solid income even if you only devote a few hours a week to the Pampered Chef program. But just what do we really know about this business and is it really possible to be successful selling Pampered Chef products? There does not appear to be a lot of insider information for anyone to learn to begin selling for this company. You are provided with sales pamphlets and some basic information about the company. Then you can try to sell this line of upscale kitchen products directly to your friends, family and neighbors. As a sales associate you can use the direct sale method which many people have employed with varying degrees of success. Some people will hand out brochures and sales booklets while they are at work. Then they hope that this low key method will generate some sales. You can even set up your own website online to attract customers who will purchase their Pampered Chef products directly from your sales pages. This is becoming very popular among independent sales consultants who work for almost any of the MLM enterprises. The preferred sales campaign for Pampered Chef items is for the consultants to host a party at their home or the home of a friend. The more people that attend the better your chance of generating some high sales figures and the higher the sales the more money you are going to make. These parties are designed to be fun and informative and your director will attend. The director is the one that will set up demonstrations of the products. Recipes will be shared, food will be prepared and cooked, and hopefully these demonstrations will convince a number of your guests to buy some of the items offered in the Pampered Chef line. You can also ask your friends to host a party to help you with your sales efforts. They will be able to earn free products just for being the host and inviting people over to their home. Commission checks are paid monthly and arrive in the mail. This extra money can be a big bonus for many people who need some extra dollars to help stretch the family budget. The fact that most sales result from a home based cooking party make the Pampered Chef seem like a fun and low key way to earn a second income without really working outside of your own home. While the Pampered Chef sites states that their consultants can easily make $850 a month for just a few hours of work it is not as easy as the ads seem to imply. That $850 is only earned if you host 2 parties a week every week for an entire month, and each party must create $450 in sales. Of course you have the opportunity to make more money each month if you can host a lot of parties and boost the bottom line for the sales figures into the 4 figure range. The program is set up in much the same manner as others such as Avon or Amway. You will sign on as an associate and your name and sales will be listed under the umbrella of another person already involved in sales of these kitchen and cooking products. In fact when you first sign up to join the company you have to list a sponsoring host. If you are not sponsored by someone already in the organization you will be directed to choose a sponsor from a list that is provided. The reason for each person being assigned into a specific hierarchy of established sales associates is to continue the trickle down effect of commissions. In other words a number of other people are going to make money for each sale of Pampered Chef products that are directly attributable to your efforts. If you move up the sales ladder and sign up new consultants for the company you will be entitled to a commission from each of their sales. As an entry level sales consultant you will earn 20% commission for any individual sale you make. This means that you will make $2 when you sell a $10 item. When you host a Pampered Chef party you will earn a commission of 20% for the first $1-$749 in sales that are generated. The commission ranges from 20% to 25% based on the amount of sales orders that result from the party. The 25% commission kicks in if the party generates $4000 or more in sales. Once your total earnings reach the $15K mark you will begin to earn commissions of 31% for each sale. The Pampered Chef can indeed add extra money to your pocket. This business opportunity can be fun and easy to manage; and you can also purchase products at a discounted rate. However there are some drawbacks to the program. Many people are already peddling Pampered Chef items and this means stiff competition. You also have to keep those sales numbers high if you want to keep earning money and this can be difficult to do because eventually you are going to run short of potential party guests who want to buy new products. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: