Wenzhou, a criminal investigation captain to solve the case, put the fugitive photos affixed to the 8l9840

The Wenzhou captain for the fugitive criminal investigation case photo (Figure) a bedside Screensaver Chen Jiujian in the analysis of the case. Recently, Wenzhou Yongjia County town of a high-end residential households were more than the night burglary, after the incident, the criminal investigation squadron as captain Chen Jiujian in the video, with several players in the final video monitoring room Dunshou 6 days, in a series of videos, determine the identity of the suspect and the foothold, the two suspects arrested. In this way the criminal investigation, 34 year old Chen Jiujian has been held for 12 years. In the case of Chen Jiujian squadron worked for 5 years, has cracked more than 150 cases of malignant, of which there are more than 60 cases of murder. In the clear network operations for many years, Chen Jiujian through a variety of means of pursuit of fugitive arrested all kinds of more than 40 employees, more than 10 of whom are murder fugitive. In fact, Chen Jiujian sometimes fugitive photos at home in bed, the fugitives photos set for the computer screen to remember each fugitive appearance. A few years ago, he was in a snack shop, see the shop door through a man, even one really knew this man was a fugitive 10 years of criminal suspects, and soon arrested him. Two years ago, Chen Jiujian was transferred to the forensic video reconnaissance squadron presided over the work, and often in the previous detection of major cases in the accomplishment, is highly appreciated by the leadership of the chamber, last year, the combined operations of Yongjia County Public Security Bureau, the efforts of the Chen Jiujian, a synthetic war room in Wenzhou City honorary title.

温州一刑侦队长为破案 把逃犯照片贴床头设屏保(图) 陈久建在分析案情。   最近,温州永嘉县城某高档小区内多名住户家中被人趁夜入室行窃,案件发生后,作为刑侦视频中队中队长的陈久建,带着几个队员,在视频监控室蹲守了6天,最终,在一系列视频中,确定了犯罪嫌疑人身份及落脚点后,将两名犯罪嫌疑人抓获。   在这条刑侦路上,34岁的陈久建已坚守了12年。陈久建在重案中队工作过5年,先后侦破各类恶性案件150余起,其中命案就有60余起。   在多年的清网行动中,陈久建通过多种追逃手段抓获各类逃犯40余名,其中10多人是命案逃犯。   事实上,陈久建有时会将逃犯的照片贴在家中床头,将逃犯照片设为电脑屏保,以此记住每个逃犯的样貌。   几年前,他在一个小吃馆,看到店门口走过一个男子,竟然真的一眼就认出这名男子是在逃10来年的犯罪嫌疑人,并很快将他抓获。   两年前,陈久建调任刑侦视频侦查中队主持工作,并在历次侦破重特大案件中屡屡建功,得到领导的高度肯定,去年,永嘉县公安局的合成作战室,在陈久建努力下,获得温州市一级合成作战室的荣誉称号。相关的主题文章: