Wenzhou 1 hot pot restaurant every day with 50 kg of oil to eat fresh pot of hot oil mixed with new ratatouille

Wenzhou 1 Hot pot shop every day with 50 kg of oil slobber leftover oil mixed with new oil Hot pot on the table and Wenzhou slobber leftover oil Hot pot oil mixed with new oil again on the table is located in Wenzhou City Road "Oujiang Wande mansion" Hot pot shop has been opened this year, business is hot. But yesterday afternoon, go to dinner guests ate all cold-shoulder treatment. Preliminary report: Wenzhou 1 Hot pot shop with drainage oil boss arrested leftover Hot pot bottom material oil to the guests at the same time, the relevant person in charge of a news spread — "wonder house" Hot pot shop in Wenzhou public circle of friends, because the alleged use of "slobber oil", was detained. The shop is still open for business Hot pot last night clerk said "just" rectification "Wan Fu" Hot pot shop opened in January this year, with an area of 300 square meters. This shop hit "old Chongqing flavor", the most famous is the squared Hot pot. 1 nights are also normal business, but today (2) morning suddenly closed." The front desk of a shop next door said. Qianjiang Evening News reporter yesterday noon at the scene, Hot pot shop door still placed billboards, shop there are people walking around, they said, "the shop is closed today rectification." However, the "million house" glass door post issued a November 2nd "compulsory closing rectification notice", said the store is not within the time limit installation of kitchen oil-water separator, was ordered to close the shop rectification. The notice inscribed units for the "Wenzhou new state cultural industry Limited by Share Ltd". Verified by the reporter, it is "building Wande Palace" Hot pot shop is the property company. "The reason for our specific closed shop Hot pot is not clear, from our perspective, just ask the government for Wande of rectification notices on the issue." New state official said. The reporter tried to call the office manager Zou Wande "the mobile phone has been shut down, call"". The police every day use 50 kg of oil Hot pot shop slobber 4 heads were more than 2 detention yesterday afternoon, Wenzhou Lucheng police issued a notice, given the real reason Wande Palace "Hot pot shop closed: the evening of October 31, 2016, the Lucheng police Union City Public Security Bureau police detachment in Wenzhou City Road Oujiang arrested Wang Fu Wan (Hot pot shop male, born in 1989, Lucheng District), Yemou (male, born in 1988, Yongjia county), Li (male, born in 1989, Yongjia county), Zou (female, born in 1986, Jiangxi Yihuang people) and other four suspects. At present, the four suspects by the police according to detention for allegedly producing and selling poisonous and harmful food crime, the case is under further investigation. Qianjiang Evening News reporter learned from insiders, four were arrested, respectively, Hot pot shop is the legal chef, chef and manager. From the beginning of this hot pot restaurant, guests began to eat leftover hot pot bottom oil recycling, processing, mixing new oil to the guests to eat, the daily use of about 50 kg of old oil." Informed sources said. It is ironic that this hot pot shop from the start, each table will put a bottle of writing.相关的主题文章: