Want to buy SUV do not forget the public version of the Q7 domestic guide parity gla to come – Sohu dingxiangwuyuetian

Don’t forget to buy SUV public version of Q7 domestic guide to GLA parity ending drama – Sohu – 2016 – Guangzhou auto show will open in November 18th, from 2017 only 2 months, the purchase tax preferential policies are coming to an end, there must be a lot of fans want to buy a car before the end of the year to return home for the new year. If you are SUV’s "true love", this year’s Guangzhou auto show will definitely bring you a surprise. This show will be a big wave struck SUV, super popular mass 7 SUV, a new way of lengthened 226mm view, after domestic cheap Jeep guide many, affordable version of the Mercedes Benz GLA, do not believe you echocardiography! Follow the deer slide down look at these 11 can not miss SUV. 01 new Volkswagen Tiguan highlights: the appearance of more tough, wheelbase 110mm, car increase 226mm SUV market as a joint venture of God in the car, the Tiguan even more expensive than the car, smaller, still sell first, no one can surpass. The Guangzhou auto show, Volkswagen will bring a new generation Tiguan, new car than in the overseas edition models on a lengthened wheelbase and length, it is China Mozhun the hearts of consumers. Appearance, new Tiguan design continues the overseas edition of the style, than the current model more tough, extended even to the physical medium SUV level. The interior part of the new Tiguan still adhering to the "a middle course", not stunning, but also more than the current sense of science and technology, fashion sense. Power, the new car is equipped with 1.4T, 1.8T, 2.0T three engines, which is matched with the 6 speed manual and dual clutch gearbox speed 7. 02 Volkswagen G-SUV highlights: 7 SUV, approaching the size of Audi Q7, the power of domestic SUV super Hui ang mass only a Tiguan, sales have been very good, is expected to 7 Volkswagen SUV out, will set off a boom. In October this year, the public officially released a new large and medium SUV Atlas, SAIC Volkswagen will launch a new version of the car in the first quarter of next year, the new car in the country code named G-SUV. G-SUV’s design continues the style of the CrossBLue concept car, the atmosphere. New car based on the public MQB platform to build, its length and width of 50391989 1773mm, wheelbase reached 2980mm, has been close to the level of Audi Q7. According to Volkswagen released information, the 7 SUV will be equipped with 12.3 inches LCD instrument, interior atmosphere lamp, 4 USB interfaces, lane keeping, adaptive cruise control, 360 degree panoramic image, blind spot monitoring configuration, but also all standard electric tailgate, which is dedicated to the market with China. Power, equipped with 2.0TSI or G-SUV high power engine, and the introduction of 2.5T engine for the first time, the torque of up to 500Nm, even more than the 3.0T V6 parameters on engine Hui ang, matched with the 7 speed wet.相关的主题文章: