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Victoria Song "-" kiss child with sweet pear drop off by a mysterious mission _22 > > – >; click on the video to watch "-" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news "the crane had as ephemera life partner, the brevity of life words, don’t let it in this happy day, after thousands of years to resist alone, until death? For an endless life crane, is not too cruel?" Last week, a "-" in a "floating crane" dialogue, opened the pear falls (Victoria Song ornaments) and Picasso (William Feng ornaments) off the people of God in the way Nuelian, tonight, short time although long winded couple honey Italy full, but then to let two respectively. People’s feelings again barrier. Super sweet: Victoria Song turned "Chef" catch catch heart stomach full routine from holding flowers and then the king home to ice tour will fall pear go through fire and water, although the gallop is not allowed to say, but in the face when they incarnate "gentle wife CaSO" routine "," double attribute back into the attack and soft living at the heart of. And tonight, appeared Dingqingzhiwu kite line, to understand the pear falls CaSO unspeakable love. A total of two people in all circles, the pear falls will become "Chef", will the fish made into delicious sashimi, sharing the mortal life and castle "husband and wife". The Kasuofan circles also opened the romantic attributes, flowers gift pear pear drop fall, although not open in mind, but Victoria Song in the eyes of the tenderness and the curvature of the mouth, long pear drop accentuates the heart of love. This pear drop emotional expression, but also let you see Victoria Song’s efforts to explain the role of pear fall. Child: high moments offer first kiss the pear falls alone to smoke in the desert and the pear falls Castle "love textbook" although from a meeting frequently made of sugar, fall in love, but in the end God s feelings Spilled water cannot be gathered up., different, facing heavy barrier, no Castle power, pear drop banished North ban, two people or to time to say goodbye. As early as in the dream of family, and in the fall of pear Castle CaSO dreams, leaving two people sweet kiss. But the castle in today aired the story although the dream into reality, are coming, let two people kiss and dream reality as sweet, but more bitter astringent. Pear drop tears in her eyes, extremely sad, so I turned into "thousands and thousands of words" two words, alone on the north of the forbidden journey, and this seemingly "punishment" of the north does not seem so simple at the ban, "secret mission" and let the pear falls CaSO feelings cast a layer of deep the veil of uncertainty. The ancient god all is abuse, and whether the feelings of the pear falls CaSO decide on what path to follow? No human habitation, barren, pear falls exactly why the exiled North ban? Let’s meet in Hunan TV tonight, let "-" for our solution to the heart.相关的主题文章: