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Venezuelan crisis: people fly to the United States to buy toilet paper [Abstract] Venezuela high domestic inflation has made many people’s income devaluation. IMF expects inflation to rise 700% this year. The Venezuelan government does not dare to provide specific inflation data. According to the CNNMoney, the 66 year old Carmen Mendoza came to New York to visit her daughter Anabella, at the same time, he also bought a toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, peas, cereal starch and other daily necessities. Mendoza Venezuela is now very scarce supplies. The deepening economic crisis in Venezuela has worsened the crisis of adult doctrine. Venezuela’s people are desperately short of basic food and medicine, and crime rates are rising sharply in the country. The march to Venezuela’s president Maduro has also increased. Mendoza and his daughter have been in New York for a month, he realized that her daughter has adapted to life in New York. In Venezuela, they spent the whole of July there is a toilet paper case. Mendoza cried when he saw the shelves of goods in New York. Now it is hard to see the shelves of food, vegetables and fruit in venezuela. He said: "when you can see in the supermarket, such as milk, such as goods are really very happy." Nearly 500 thousand people came to the United States last year. This number is still increasing, the United States to live in Venezuela, said their relatives or friends if they can afford to buy tickets to the United States to buy daily necessities. Beatriz, an entrepreneur in Venezuela, said: "all of this can only mean that the government of is low. Venezuela’s economy and domestic situation is getting worse and worse." Some of the Venezuelan life mentioned above is not the worst. But they have little hope for the future of Venezuela, because they do not see a good change. Maybe a good change is brewing. Venezuela’s National Election Commission recently announced that it will be in late October to the opposition leaders 3 days to collect enough votes to remove Maduro’s presidency. Mr Maduro’s opposition needs 20% of the voters to sign the application for re-election. The president’s referendum is expected to begin in early 2017. Some Venezuelan people believe that the next 5 years, Venezuela’s economic situation will not be better. Some people have begun to Venezuela, his family moved to the United States, because of the lack of Venezuela necessities cannot be resolved in a short period of time. Venezuelan boss Chang said: "although the child is innocent, but they have also been affected. Every time the kids go to the supermarket in the United States, the child will ask, why can’t we go shopping in venezuela." Chang added: "I also hope that I can bring all the food and medicine back to venezuela." Chang and Mendoza belong to the middle class of venezuela. They dress properly and speak english. Mendoza’s last husband was a diplomatic monster, the last century 7.相关的主题文章: