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Business By adding affiliate marketing programs to their sales process, a home business owner can substantially increase their network marketing revenues. Affiliate marketing programs operate on a standard .mission per sale basis. A vendor pays a percentage of the retail sales price of a product or service as a .mission to a marketer in exchange for actively marketing their product. Typically a .mission of 25-50% of the retail sales price is paid out to the marketer. The concept of creating multiple revenue streams is not new to the world of business. The business world typically uses revenue stream diversification as a hedge against market cycles. The addition of affiliate products allows the network marketer to implement the exact same diversification strategy that is utilized by major corporations. Statistics tell us that only about 10% of the prospects a network marketer encounters will be.e customers or members of the marketer’s MLM downline. This leaves the other 90% of the prospect pool largely untapped and unprofitable. By using targeted affiliate products and services, a network marketer can produce an entirely new source of in.e that is generated from this 90% of the prospect pool that would normally remain unprofitable. An effective strategy utilizes affiliate products and services that are general in nature but helpful or necessary to anyone who is trying to build a home based business online. Some examples of these types of tools and services are domains, web hosting, email autoresponders and training resources. Let me demonstrate how this might work. I am speaking with my prospect Bill about network marketing, but I learn that he is madly in love with his primary .pany and their products. At this point in time it is unlikely that he would be interested in joining my opportunity. In the course of our conversation he talks about needing to start a blog for his business. I use this opportunity to say I use XYZ for my domain purchases and ABC for my web hosting. I give him a link to their websites that is coded with my affiliate number. When he purchases his domain and hosting, I make a .mission on the sale. Bill has now be.e profitable, even though he is not joining my primary MLM opportunity. Ideally, you will want to present a number of different affiliate opportunities to your mailing list. This is done through a regular series of emails sent out by your autoresponder. This is known as monetizing your marketing funnel. You have now created multiple in.e opportunities to present to your pool of prospects. Instead of settling for one paycheck, why not receive multiple paychecks from multiple affiliate programs. By using this strategy, you have created a funding mechanism for your primary business. This will allow you to expand your sales and recruiting efforts in your .work marketing opportunity. If you are serious about increasing your .work marketing profits, add affiliate marketing programs to your overall business building strategy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: