Users believe that unfamiliar street push loan advertising cheated 24

Users believe that unfamiliar street pushed the loan advertising cheated 24 thousand sources: Shenyang evening news Miss Yang in unfamiliar street dating software to seek small loans in the loan advertising. I did not expect, in accordance with the requirements of the other side to a card on their own more than a dozen times to 24000 yuan, the money was actually taken away by the loan company. Yesterday, Miss Yang to call Shenyang Evening News Hotline said he suffered. August 10th, Miss Yang in unfamiliar street dating software home found a push advertising. Miss yang to get in touch with each other, said he would like to borrow 100 thousand yuan. A staff member said that their company affiliated with Fullgoal Fund Management Co, is a formal loan company, can fully meet the needs of miss yang. Staff told Miss Yang, she had not had a loan, in accordance with the requirements, Miss Yang must have a bank loan. Miss yang to give each other several times, the loan company to give her the money back. Miss Yang’s water has reached 8000 yuan. But the loan company staff said that banks generally reach 8000-24000 yuan of water, the loan can be issued. Miss Yang would like to smooth the loan, the bank water is best to reach the maximum value of 24000 yuan. This young lady can put the money into his bank card, and the card to the loan company. Miss Yang believes that the money will be hit by a card to another card, is very safe. So the 24000 yuan dozen dozen to their other card. Then Miss Yang inquiry was found, just turned into 24000 yuan has been transferred to the loan company. After the other side of the phone can not get through. Miss Yang then inquiries, the loan company and Wells Fargo fund has little relationship, but in the Wells Fargo fund opened an account. Now, she even the name of the company do not know each other, because Mo push advertising is subject to change, it is not. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Zhang Xiaoning相关的主题文章: