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9.9 Wuhan Wanda Yellow Crane Tower community festival brand upgrade this is a tribute to a civilization, it is a peak to meet Yellow Crane Tower September 9th, Wanda Royal Lake one art festival in Yellow Crane Tower, Fenghua inspired in Qiu Jirong, Jiangyangzhuoma and other masters call, reflecting in liquid nitrogen cold fireworks, the city the large coffee class people, have to meet here. They are the elite of Wuhan and even central China business, academia, political and other fields, or embrace massive wealth, or in the center of a party. And from this day on September 9th, after spending the night at the top of Yellow Crane Tower, they will get together to start planning the next trip, as well as the theme of the next meeting. September 9th this day, is the day of the new and old landmark dialogue in Wuhan, but also in the hands of the elite of Wuhan. The general meeting of the elite in Wanda, in fact, the elite of Wuhan Wanda hand, is not the first time. As the Wuhan high-end circle recognized flagship project, Wanda Royal Lake one of Wuhan Central Cultural District luxury products, spare no effort in the community, community building on the circle is always one, wealth, status, grade a circle, has been formed in a time of social activities. From the "Yue" super basketball team to the "gifted" Wanda small scout, and then to the "Ladies" to join the charity, Wuhan Central Cultural District project mansion owners concerned about each member of the family, the host’s fitness, Mrs. public spirited, children’s learning and growth, has become a cause of social activities the. But also because the owners of these activities, and find their true and like-minded friends, for their future career and family connections based solid progress. In Wuhan in the mountains do pointing back to their Yellow Crane Tower song voice ringing in the ear drum, here, the city elite, has begun the next meet in the city: the meeting is not enough, this time, Wuhan Wanda newly established "No. 1 expedition", ready to walk out of Wuhan, to the mountain and even the Gobi desert. In the realization of the wealth upgrade week, they want to have the opportunity to the greatest enthusiasm and courage to go to the digital display of the greater challenge. And this is another upgrade Wanda community construction in Wuhan. September 12th 10:30, they will meet again in the Central Cultural District of Wuhan, went to a wonderful exciting outdoor tour, in the valley of Yichang, they will experience the fun of the creek drop. In September 15th, their home will be in the air, in the Xiangyang paragliding base, they will forget the world, flying in the sky. In September 18th, they will even toward the distant desert in Gobi, Jinchang – Alashan – Badan Jilin desert line, their sand filled in self driving, camping, cross-country, chasing the passion deep in my heart, to explore the endless unknown world. City expert always peak Yellow Crane Tower, once represented the Wuhan skyline. But you don’t remember Yellow Crane Tower how high you remember here the situation at the literati’s name and their poems. Just as you may also do not know how long Han street, Han show how much, but you must know that the Central Cultural District of Wuhan 1.8 square kilometers above the land.相关的主题文章: