U.S. three game developers have pushed the new stock hit a record high autobots

The three game developers have to push new shares hit a record high in the recent U.S. stock market, three of the most famous video game developers Activision Blizzard, electronic arts, Take-Two Interactive’s share price hit a record high. Analysts said that under the influence of Internet technology, film and television drama and games have been inseparable, video game emphasis on user experience, both the advantages of the two, so highly respected. For the video game developers, they are in the near future plans or has launched after the latest star product, which contains the latest fashion elements, many senior game player had to try, but also triggered sustained attention to the capital market. Share prices continued to rise due to the latest game has been widespread concern, coupled with the arrival of holiday to attract consumers, the top three video game developers share price on Friday or Tuesday, a record high. As the most famous video game developers, Activision Blizzard (Activision Blizzard, NASDAQ: ATVI) 6 shares rose $1.66% to $43.51, following last Friday to refresh the historical high. The stock has risen 12.4% this year. Electr Arts Inc (Electronic Arts, NASDAQ: ERTS) 6 rose from $0.49% to $83.87, continue to refresh record highs last Friday, the stock rose 2.1%. This year the cumulative increase of 22%. Take-Two Interactive (NASDAQ: TTWO) 6, fell by 0.11%, but the stock on Friday closed up 2.2% to $44.70, a record high. This year the cumulative increase of about 30%. Market participants said that the video game maker, is very important at present two major tasks. The first is to maintain the old users, the second is to attract new users. Therefore, the development of the latest model of the classic game will undoubtedly become an important means to integrate these two tasks well. The three companies in the near future or has launched the latest version of the star game, or to carry out the relevant programs, so not only can attract the attention of the players, but also attracted the favor of the capital market. Have launched a new game recently, Activision Blizzard held a star game "call of duty" fans of the show and forum sites in the United States of California city Wood Eng. The activities for a period of three days, and the tickets were sold out very early. At the forum, the company said that the next step will be in the form of the game championship and preview of the game with the release of the latest generation of call of Duty: infinite war. The game will be landing PC, XBO and PS4 platform, scheduled to be listed in November 4th. Previously, as the first person of the classic shooting game, call of duty has released 12. Infinite War is the thirteenth call of duty, it is also very focused on advancing with the times, the background set in the distant future. The player, or a captain, is also a special pilot who will be driving the last remaining ship, the "punishment". Leading the league in the game.相关的主题文章: