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U.S. team director to get the Chinese partner: Huayi and life insurance as its backing Tencent financial news (Xu Wenmiao) 37.03% and 0.8%, the data are the United States and China in the film box office in the past four years, the compound growth rate of two. The rapid development of the Chinese film market is becoming a global film in the hearts of the adventure park, Hollywood upstart Russell brothers is representative of this group of prospectors in the. Who directed the marvel works "Captain America" and the 2 sequel to fame of Anthony · and Joe · Russell; Russell frequently in recent years in China, the Chinese film market showed a very strong interest. Their latest move is to set up a joint venture with Huayi brothers. Huayi, Russell brothers, China’s film industry partners, including three new board company, as well as gold and television with the life of the life of the film and television companies and private equity funds. Hand Huayi and three new board company to create "Chinese captain" through "arrested development", "waste" alliance of two popular comedy in the television hit fame, the young director Anthony · and Joe · Russell; Russell soon received the marvel tall olive branch, was directed by "Captain America" 2 chance. The Russell brothers with two "Captain America" in the world took nearly $1 billion 500 million at the box office, the Marvel Universe heavyweight works "the Avengers" sequel will also serve as director by them. The Russell brothers are becoming the new darling of Hollywood, SONY and NBC TV to their open arms cooperation. However, the directors of the Chinese market seems to have great enthusiasm. Russell brothers latest Chinese partner is a veteran of the private film company Huayi brothers. In August 29, 2016, there has been a "pathfinding of Hollywood" Huayi Brothers announced a new international cooperation with the Russell brothers in the United States to jointly set up a joint venture company, Huayi holds 60% stake in the joint venture, Huayi plans to invest about $250 million in funding for the development of the joint venture company, operation and management of TV drama production, a series of large IP procurement reserve. Russell Brothers last time on the headlines and the three new board companies with gold and television together, claiming to build Chinese superhero movie. In May 2016, the Party announced the signing of gold film with the Russell brothers team, CO produced a local China sci-fi action movie "hero" awakening, Russell brothers will serve as executive producer. This cooperation has been widely interpreted as the United States and the United States will be the director of the Chinese company to build China captain". In the gold film and television program, the local superhero movie will be the big Hollywood studios favorite "series". Public reports show that Fang Jin will be the first superhero film works into the budget of 350 million yuan, the total investment in the trilogy of RMB 1 billion 500 million. The Russell brothers will be involved in making the film director from filming to all detail, in addition to the "Heroes" awakening, the two sequel "Nirvana" and "heroic sacrifice" is expected to be released in 2019 and 2020. In a gold film and television investors who had had contact with the head of the Shanghai film and television company seems, Fang Jin film pulled the foreign aid cooperation, some propaganda stunt.相关的主题文章: