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Tsinghua teacher telecommunications fraud was 17 million 600 thousand   the police have been involved in the investigation (Figure –IT–) people.com.cn original title: Tsinghua teacher was 17 million 600 thousand telecommunications fraud cheated teacher living new residential corridor fraud cheated reporter visited the district where the poster was posted "LCD Building policeblotters" in the bulletin in August 30th, the Internet came an "policeblotters" pictures, called "August 29th at 11 pm, Zhongguancun police station received a report: 110 lanqiying area of Haidian District was a teacher of Tsinghua University, posing as public security, telecommunications fraud 17 million 600 thousand yuan, lower right picture signed" LCD building property service center of Tsinghua University". In this regard, the evening of 30, the Haidian Public Security Bureau issued a bulletin said, for a network of a university teacher was the case of telecommunications fraud, the police have been involved in the investigation, is working to carry out the work. The liquid crystal inside the building had seen staff informed the police yesterday, was recalled in a student posted "LCD Building policeblotters" out, "noon 12 points to see at the entrance to the building posted on the glass door of the bulletin", the content is the online news "the teacher of Tsinghua University was 17 million 600 thousand yuan of telecommunications fraud the student said," but, "he informed this evening at 6 did not see". 30 evening, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter from Tsinghua University Asset Management Department of housing management service center staff was informed that the 30 day is on the LCD building information bar at the posted "notice informed the police", then fear not good matter removed notice. The teacher cheated residential fraud posters posted informed sources said that the incident was a telecommunications fraud for residents of the laqiying teacher. 30, 9 pm, lanqiying area is a walking lady told reporters BYD, she did hear that the district has a resident of telecom fraud. Another district residents also reported to the North Green newspaper reporter confirmed that a household was cheated, but the specific details are not convenient to disclose. 30 evening, BYD reporters came to the area in the corridor, found the corridor posted a number of telecommunications fraud prevention posters, several residents told reporters BYD, these posters are posted just 30 day. In addition, for the Tsinghua University teacher was telecommunications fraud 17 million 600 thousand yuan, one of the questions raised by netizens: a large amount of tens of millions of dollars can easily transfer? BYD reporter asked a number of bank staff was informed that if the customer to handle transfer business customers in the bank counter, "complete material case, without limiting the amount of transfer". In addition, the bank staff said that customers in the process of U-key (U shield) after the online banking can also be 17 million 600 thousand yuan transfer. The trainee reporter Kong Linghan Zhang Yanyan Zhang Xiangmei reporter trainee reporter Zhang Yanyan Kong Linghan photography Qu Chang extension of telecommunications fraud case regardless of criminal cases shall be established as the first half of this year, the national public security organs cracked telecommunications network fraud cases since 57 thousand. A new type of special action against the new type of telecommunication network in China (20)相关的主题文章: