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Tsinghua professor of telecommunications fraud for deep reflection: 17 million 600 thousand sad Tsinghua professor of telecommunications fraud: 17 million 600 thousand for deep sorrow on a teacher of Tsinghua University Park Lu recently suffered telecommunications fraud was swept away 17 million 600 thousand yuan caused widespread concern. In addition to the fraud itself, the "millionaire" teachers also caused strong concern, many people laugh so silly how people can in Tsinghua University, Tsinghua teachers are more people questioned how to earn so much money. Although there is no case, the victim is still in pain, but has already become the new material piece involuntarily network consumption. The teacher is a typical experience of "posing as public security of telecommunications fraud, the fraud Gang posing as government departments and staff through the" word "guide swindled money into security account". According to media reports, at present there is no evidence pointing to the source of the money, cheated 17 million 600 thousand yuan is a part of the sale of property income, the other part is borrowing. It questioned the source of money can eliminate the prejudice, occupation revealed from this question should also be rectification. Today, an official, business and entertainment to enjoy luxury luxury cars, many people are not accustomed to seeing strange, Tsinghua teachers net worth of millions of why it was? Do people in those eyes seemed otherworldly, teachers should remain in poverty, breaking the stereotype in riding a bicycle? In reality, the Beijing high prices, many local residents have few old houses, according to the market price discount, also have a large net worth of millions or even tens of millions. According to the data of the real estate agency, the average price of the area where the teacher cheated the real estate is also 8-13 yuan per square meter, a set of more than and 100 square fine decoration of the house, selling about ten million is not surprising. In addition to the source, some people also questioned the victim is too stupid. Xu Yuyu cheated after committing suicide, but also did not avoid this kind of contempt, but can be admitted to Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications on the ability of such a college of, Tsinghua teacher’s IQ and how may not meet the standards? They are missing some of the most common sense and anti fraud, is the core of them, including telephone number, name and current affairs handling core information is how to grasp the elements of fraud? Xu Yuyu had just to the Education Bureau to apply for grants, not two days a liar is found, Tsinghua teachers just sold the house, a liar is laid in trap. Why is the "time concept" and "information management" of the fraudsters so accurate? Who took the line to take the bridge? Eat melon masses never too big to watch, perhaps excusable, but the victims deceived dearly and even suicide, still clever itself, claiming that "you are stupid, you deserve it" and that they lost the basic sympathy empathy, rather than the pouring cold world, becoming a fraud make an accomplice and fertile soil, making them in the implementation of criminal activities, not only the moral sense of guilt, but also more of a trance intellectual superiority. Isn’t it? A police officer who has been cracking down on telecommunications fraud for many years has pointed out that the fraudsters are not guilty of fraud, but are less likely to cheat. Such a distorted social theory of mind相关的主题文章: