True love powder! Day house flower three hundred thousand and Ohara Rizumi same

True love powder! Three hundred thousand and Ohara Rizumi in the same room, house flower anime fans when holy pilgrimage actually feel a little inconvenient, because a lot of the holy pilgrimage place actually is a public place. If it’s indoors, or it’s forbidden to take pictures, or too many people, you can’t get in at all. Recently, there was a fan in order to be able to and "Lovelive"! Sunshine!! Xiao Li Ju lived in the same place and spent 300 thousand yen (RMB 20 thousand yuan). In animation, Ohara Ri is a big miss, her family runs a multinational hotel chain group. Her residence in Japan is actually a light Island Hotel in japan. A Japanese netizen has already booked the highest and most advanced room in October when he started the animation. And this room costs 300 thousand yen a night. Finally, the netizen went to the hotel. You can drink tea with Ohara Ri in the same place. Animation is a beautiful platform, but actually…… In the end, the meal and taxes added up to three hundred thousand yen. But how could you sleep with Ohara Ri in the same place? The three hundred thousand flowers are worth it. The penguin mother wanted to ask the gentlemen, you will spend so much money to do the holy pilgrimage? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime works

真爱粉!日宅花三十万和小原鞠莉住同一间房动漫迷在进行圣地巡礼的时候其实都会觉得有点不便吧,因为很多圣地巡礼的地方其实都是公开的场所。如果是室内,要么就是禁止拍照,要么就是人太多根本连进都进不去。最近,就有一位粉丝为了能够和《Lovelive!Sunshine!!》小原鞠莉住进同一个地方,花费了30万日元(约合人民币2万元)。动画当中小原鞠莉是一位大小姐,家里经营着跨国连锁饭店集团。而她在日本的居所就是现实中日本临海的淡岛饭店。一位日本网友在动画开播的时候就已经预定了十月份要入住淡岛饭店的最高层最高级的房间。而这样的房间一晚上就要花费30万日元。终于,这名网友去到了这家饭店。可以和小原鞠莉在同一个地方喝茶看海啦。动画中非常漂亮的平台,但是实际上……最后,餐点和税费加起来一共花费了三十万日元。不过这怎么也算是和小原鞠莉在同一个地方睡过了,这三十万花得还算值吧。企鹅娘想要问绅士们,你们会花这么多钱去进行这样的圣地巡礼吗? 点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品相关的主题文章: