Truck falling into the river by boat crossing (Chart)

The water truck crossed the river by boat ashore (map) original title: Truck crossed the river by boat ashore the drowning scene Chinese daily news (reporter Yang Tuo) in January 30th, a truck from the north shore of Weihe by Weihe Dali Tiechuan, going ashore suddenly crashed into the river, causing half body trapped in the water, fortunately caused no casualties. The morning of January 30th 11 pm, in the vicinity of Dali County village of Weihe town of Su Hong edge, there is a fixed across both sides of Weihe cable on the pontoon, relying on human movement. Ship bow towards the west, east to the stern, the vehicle parked in the north-south direction across the central pontoon deck. Truck driver Wang said, he is the Dali Man drive light trucks, ready to sell those Huaxian food back. In the vicinity of Su Cun Zhen Hong Shan village, he asked a more than 60 year old man asked the ferry, "said the other truck, can also say, more than my car can go through, a 10 yuan." Mr. Wang said, so he drove on the pontoon. To the other side, the ferryman between the deck and the bank took two pieces about 5 cm thick, about 2.5 meters long board, a head, the head River deck, holding two cables of a ship is fixed on the shore of the land. Unexpectedly, the accident happened when the truck was ready to go ashore. Mr. Wang said: "when the car front wheel just run on deck which is the head of the board, the cable has a difficult break, then the ship slipped to the north," the truck "with a bang, half of the body fell into the water." In this regard, Mr. Liu said that because the ferryman, truck ashore forward dash up, which makes the cable break. On the afternoon of 4 pm, with the help of a large excavator, the water truck was able to disembark. Editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222

货车乘船过河上岸时落水(图)   原标题:货车乘船过河 上岸时落水 现场图   华商报讯(记者 杨托)1月30日,一辆货车从大荔渭河北岸乘铁船过渭河,准备上岸时却突然坠入河里,导致半截车身陷在水里,幸未造成人员伤亡。   1月30日上午11时许,在大荔县苏村镇洪善村附近的渭河边,有一条固定在横贯渭河两岸缆绳上的铁船,靠人力移动。铁船船头朝西、船尾朝东,要过河的车辆南北方向停在铁船甲板中央。   货车驾驶员王先生说,他是大荔人,开着轻型货车准备去华县拉莲菜回来贩卖。在苏村镇洪善村附近,他向一名60多岁的男子打听渡船,“对方说货车、能过,还说比我的车更大的车都能渡过去,一次10元。”王先生说,于是他就开着车上了铁船。   到对岸后,摆渡人在甲板和河岸之间搭上了两块厚约5厘米、长约2.5米的木板,河岸一头高、甲板这头低,牵着船的两条缆绳则固定在岸边的土地上。没想到,在货车准备上岸时意外发生了。王先生说:“当时车的前轮刚刚碾上甲板这头的木板,两条缆绳一吃力就先后挣脱,船随之往北溜了,货车‘嗵’的一声巨响,半截车身掉进了水里。”   对此,摆渡人刘先生说,是因为货车上岸时往前猛冲了一下,才使得缆绳挣脱。当日下午4时许,在一台大型挖掘机的帮助下,落水货车才得以上岸。 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: