Top 10 Strategies Of A Great

Top7-or-Top10-Tips Whether you manage a company, coach an athletic team, lead a parish, or organize fundraisers for your school PTO, the road to accomplishing your goal is lined with the qualities of a great leader. Be a leader your employees, team, parish, or committee members respect and want to see succeed by following these strategies… Be knowledgeable & plan. Do your research and become knowledgeable about the subject at hand. Take that information and adequately plan and conduct concise, organized meetings. Take Calculated Risks. Don’t be afraid to put forth new ideas and a plan to implement them. It’s the adequate research and planning that shows others you’ve done your homework, understand the risks, and are ready to lead them into new ventures. Be consistent. Be consistent in your plan and the means by which you accomplish it. Clearly spell out the tasks that need to take place in order for your organization to meet their goals so that everyone understands the expectations that have been set. Communicate clearly. Polished oral communication skills are important to express your thoughts and visions to others. Work to improve these skills by practicing speaking aloud in front of an audience or taking a public speaking course. Inspire & encourage others. A positive attitude will inspire and ultimately motivate others toward accomplishing a similar goal. Provide constructive feedback without criticizing. Inspire confidence in others by supporting them as they work toward a common goal. Encourage others to do their best and work together as a team. Listen. Ask for suggestions and actually listen to the answers. As a leader, you should be spearheading new ideas, yet also taking other’s ideas into consideration. Let others know they can contact you anytime with questions and comments. Don’t overreact. When a problem arises, don’t overreact. If this means saying nothing at all, then do just that. Instead, calmly take the time to analyze the situation and then present a reasonable solution. Be honest. Trust and respect is an earned trait. The first step to earning it is practicing it. Speak the truth and let others know you expect the same in return. Say ‘Thank You’. Show others you appreciate their efforts by saying ‘Thank You’. These two little words go such a long way. Lead by example. Finally, work as hard or harder than you expect your employees and committee members to work. Don’t be fooled to think you are there to simply hand out assignments. Yes, it may be your job to assign tasks and ensure goals are met, but a great leader gains the respect of others by the work they do and how they do it. To learn more about being a great leader and event planner, visit .PTOideas… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: