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This too will play: 7 hotel check in cool lead: travel over land and water, tramp over mountains and through ravines, Check Inn Hotel. (source: TripAdvisor) if you are tired of the standardized check in service, try these 7 hotels recommended today. You need to travel over land and water, even tramp over mountains and through ravines, a little adventure, but it will also be a rare experience of your journey! Six Senses Zighy Bay Oman Six Senses Zighy Bay (Six Senses Zighy Bay) is located in a valley surrounded by a private beach. You can leave your luggage at the airport, fly to the nearest glider, and complete a perfect landing on the beach! Don’t worry, the hotel staff will ensure that your luggage is safely delivered to the hotel. Six Senses Zighy Bay is a hidden gem in Oman, Sultan. Although the trip to the hotel is like a rally in the mountains, but really worth it. The villa is very spacious, and it protects the privacy of the guests. The restaurant is very delicious. Cost: $595 per night (about 3853 yuan) location: Zighy Bay, Musandam Peninsula | PO Box 212, Zighy Bay 800, Oman Dubai Lugger Hotel helicopter this is your best chance of 007 dreams! Take a helicopter at the heliport, after 15 minutes, you will arrive at the Lugger Hotel (Burj Al Arab Jumeirah), while overlooking the scenery of Dubai in the helicopter oh! The only thing to worry about is that the cost of a one-way to about $2700 (about 17485 yuan). Room super bar! Room space is very large, as well as private butler service, every time you enter the room will be ready for you towels, juice, will also send a bottle of Burj Al Arab wine. The room has two floors, the lower is the living room, dining room and desk, the upper is a large bathroom and master bedroom, the room is very comfortable, the bed and sofa is very soft, bath and shampoo are Hermas. In addition, the room’s TV entertainment system is also very good, people feel not only elegant rooms, as well as high-tech. Overall, the feeling is very good, worth a stay. Cost: $1112 per night (about 7201 yuan) location: Burj Al Arab P.O |. Box 74147, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Len Foote Hike Inn America hiking 5 kilometers and don’t forget to tie your boots on the back, not too heavy bag, because here the only way is to check-in, hiking. The journey begins at the top of Georgia’s Amicalola Falls waterfall, passing through Nor3相关的主题文章: