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UnCategorized Tony Robbins seminars have a reputation for being exciting, life-transforming, engaging, and something that every person interested in his/her personal development must experience at least once. However, is this all hype or can a Tony Robbins seminar really make a significant difference to the result you experience in your life? The fact is that the information presented by Tony Robbins is always first class and state of the art. He prides himself on learning from the very best and presenting the same to his seminar audiences. In this respect, Robbins is a heavy proponent of Modeling, i.e. learning the precise way that someone outstanding in the field goes about his/her specific discipline, turning this into a precise system or receipt, and then teaching it to others. But does it really work?… Well, the fact is that what you get out of a Tony Robbins seminar is proportional to precisely what you put in. Some people complain about getting a big emotional high throughout the seminar, coming away pumped and determined to change everything, and then finding that not much has changed six months later. However, the big question remains, did these people actually follow through? Did they put what they learned into practice and did they do it consistently? All too often, the unfortunate answer is no! They simply did not. Sadly too, going to more seminars will produce much the same effect for these people; some temporary froth but nothing lasting. The key to profiting from Tony Robbins’ seminars, or anyone else’s for that matter, is to integrate what you have learned into your life on an ongoing basis. This is not easy because there are all too many factors and forces promoting our stasis; not least of all within our own psychological framework. Let’s be in no doubt. The teachings that Tony Robbins presents do work and have worked for countless people the world over. They are based on timeless principles. However, each person has to make it their own. One good way to do this is to enroll with a Tony Robbins coach for a period of time after the seminar, in order to reinforce the principles and strategies you have learned. In this way, you have an external force motivating you in the direction of your new behaviors, keeping you on track and focused upon them until they become second-nature to you. This is definitely a very effective approach to take. In conclusion, a Tony Robbins seminar can definitely work for you if you are prepared to do the work it takes! Nobody, not even Mr. Robbins himself, can do the work for you. At the end of the day, it is your life. Hence, when you enroll in a seminar like this, be sure that you are prepared to commit time and effort beyond the seminar itself to make it a lasting and monumental part of your life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: