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To wear gloves to the newborn? Do not hurt the baby in the name of love – Sohu maternal and newborn babies are very easy to accidentally break his little face, so many parents choose to give the baby to wear gloves, doing so is more harm than good baby! Why? Take a look at it ~ Wang Fan to wear gloves for newborns? NO! Not long ago, the Internet exposed a newborn baby girl because only 63 days in which black necrosis, mom and Dad had to reluctantly took her to the hospital, the finger amputation will lesion excision events. Because the baby gloves inside thread, thread directly wrapped around her little finger, so parents found that the situation is not good, the baby’s fingers have been swollen badly, and the little finger end all black. The implementation of the baby finger tip necrosis resection, has recently been discharged, but the left hand is incomplete forever irreparable. When the baby was born, his father and mother are so concerned about every act and every move, and he is curious about the world around, hands scratching touch, accidentally, he gave his face scratched. At this time the whole family feel bad, hastened to buy Gloves to put on his face, thinking this time can be safe, which I do not know, but this will result in greater danger to children! Small children because of a pair of gloves with the family’s love, and finally forced to amputate, this love becomes a matter of injury everywhere. Wear gloves against your baby growth maybe some parents will say, this is happening is because the gloves are not qualified, but parents are not careful, if I choose good quality gloves, then a lot of care, this kind of thing will stop, and the child won’t scratch the face. It sounds reasonable, but it is not recommended that children wear gloves, not just because of fear of injury to the hand, but more importantly, wearing gloves, but affect the development of the child’s brain. Gao Xueting pointed out that the child at birth, mainly to explore the surrounding environment is their hands and feet, each of which he touched a different feeling, will be transmitted to the brain to stimulate brain development, so the children touch things more, more conducive to his brain development. In other words, the gloves to protect the face, but stopped the hands of the world to explore, but also blocked the rapid development of the brain. Diligence nails avoid scratches himself so, parents worry about grasping face disfigured such things and how to solve? In fact, very well, as long as the ground nails on the line! Moreover, children thin tender skin nails, restoring force and strong, a small scratch in less than 35 days disappeared, as dangerous and blocking of the child to explore the gloves, there is no need to wear! Parents should pay attention to these details to avoid hurt baby don’t easily put the child in bed (or other high) in the edge of many mothers out with a baby or go to the hospital, always shoving the child on the edge of bed, stool or other high places, they always think it a small child, not what big problem. In fact, this is a very dangerous move, because the baby, although not crawling, but they often unconsciously turn over, it is easy to相关的主题文章: