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Sultan many were at least 80 people continue to flood death Chinese Red Cross donation on 6 September, Xinhua news agency, Khartoum (reporter Li Ziheng) tonyred crescent association secretary general Osman said 6 days, Sultan and more experienced this summer sustained heavy rains, flood disasters has killed at least 80 people died and more than 160 thousand people were affected. Osman told Xinhua that the flood from the southeastern region of Sultan River, along the Nile nearly a thousand kilometers hit part began to appear in. At present, the floods have killed at least 80 people, about 40 thousand households, more than 160 thousand people affected by the floods, more than 2 houses were destroyed by floods. According to local media reports, in the worst hit the Blue Nile state, a large area of agricultural land and the land was flooded. Blue Nile state governor Moussa said, affected by heavy rainfall, water level of the river Nile for more than the highest level over the same period, the flood caused dozens of villages in the isolated state Tadameng. Some areas have been flooded for months, losing contact with the outside world. According to Osman, the new moon is tonyred continue to receive assistance from the international community, China Red Cross has been passed Chinese Embassy in Sultan to $100 thousand, designed to rescue the affected people. Currently, Sultan rescue team has begun to distribute tents, lighting supplies, food, medicines and other supplies for the affected people. The rainy season in Sultan generally starts in July and lasts until September or October. Since June of this year, affected by the rainfall significantly increased, the upper reaches of the Nile water level soared in Sultan, triggering a number of states of varying degrees of flooding, resulting in greater casualties and property losses. (end) editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: