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This year’s Baidu World Congress bet Lee director will say this – Sohu science and technology, said the annual Baidu World Congress, is about to open. We received the invitation, long so. When you receive a courier, the first to open out a block circuit board…… Muttering, what is this ghost, while studies, found that it is a conductive plate, along with mark part crossed conductive pen matching, it lights up. Turn off the light effect is roughly such, still a little cool. Have participated in the Baidu World Congress of the students may know, the main significance of this conference has two, one is to show a variety of black & Baidu, two is Robin Lee unshakable speech every year. However, many of the sisters, is the most important, can not the old beauty director Li onlookers! After all, for so many years, he was the Internet gangster in There remained but a single one. yen value play ah. Especially imperceptibly, director Li has been close to fifty, but also such age let the girl licking the screen is not easy. So this year’s Baidu World Congress, it is worth a visit. After all, Lee promised to go to the factory and shellfish adventure, who knows what he will become after eating insects…… And in June in Dali Baidu Union summit, Li’s debut is like this. Knock on the blackboard, say back to the point, I guess this year’s Baidu World Congress, Robin Lee will be about three words, the next scene, that is, artificial intelligence. After all, the theme of the invitation is very straightforward, is called "AI is the New Electricity", the interpretation of language is very literary, "one hundred years ago, appeared electric energy over human exploration in the dark, open new doors for social progress, time does not rest, explore more than, another door has with the stars." Artificial intelligence in the future, just as electricity in the industrial era. "The next episode" these three words, perhaps this year’s new director li. In his speech a few, there are at least two times, respectively, this year’s Baidu Union summit and just the end of the 2016 Yabuli forum. Artificial intelligence this matter, at least from last year’s Baidu World Congress, he was in the tireless talk. Say, last year in the Baidu World Conference debut of Peru, has now become the underlying standard Baidu based products. Vaguely remember, when the director of the factory and the degree of interaction for a long time, ordered coffee take out, ordered a restaurant, tried to call the car. Now these functions can be used casually. In addition, he was showing the other two AI technology, speech recognition and image recognition, in this year’s Baidu Union summit again show, has been able to see not a small upgrade. The example of speech recognition, to reduce a lot of precision of language input, most people couldn’t understand the dialect and the child’s babble, AI have a high degree of recognition. However, the overall theme of the Baidu world conference last year, but not artificial intelligence, but O2O local services, called the index of the real world to connect the 3600 line, when the secret is as a tool for O2O debut?相关的主题文章: