This year, Shanghai International Art Festival will be the strongest lineup of Chinese opera aapt.exe

Shanghai International Art Festival will be a China opera the strongest team in October 21st to 23 this year, as an important performance project Chinese the Shanghai International Arts Festival, "600 minutes for 600 years — Famous Classical Opera China Sheng Hui will be staged in the Yi Fu stage. By then, there will be from 7 provinces, 9 kinds of 14 of today’s Opera representatives gathered in Shanghai, in three the total length of the 600 minute show, 80% off classic opera excerpts from far apart from each other, as a meta activation Chinese opera "concentrated grand". Such a powerful lineup even play for three days, the producers said, this is not a famous Bo eyeball marketing price is absolutely high assorted cold dishes, but the event, 600 minutes can accurately experience the core Chinese opera beauty. Corner: a meta Chinese opera masters 14 different opera masters are: Wang Shize (Sichuan Opera), Deng Muwei (Tianjin Opera), Shi Xiaomei, Wang Ping (Jiangsu Opera) (Tianjin Opera), Wei Haimin (Taiwan Opera), Li Shujian (Shanghai Opera), Xi Zhonglu (Henan Opera), Qian Huili (Shanghai Opera) Wang Fang, Hua Wen (Jiangsu Opera) (Shanghai Opera), Ceng Jingping (Fujian Liyuan opera, Ceng Zhaojuan (Tianjin), Wang Zhiping (Shaoxing opera), Shanghai) from Shanghai Pinghua masters Wu Xinbo will be storytellers in the repertoire about hundreds of years shuttling between the accumulation of the history of the people, things and feeling. All of the play comes from tradition, and each of the ninety percent off is chosen by artists. Some of them performed housekeeping play, but they have been thinking for a long time did not touch the "love scene", or by the hands of their re save back "endangered opera", and that they had always wanted to play but no chance to play the "dream theater". Three performances by different theme series: October 21st debut "Fengyun Hui", brought together 5 kinds of 40 percent off representative repertoire; October 22nd afternoon, "Heroes Hui will include 9 operas, 11 famous pioneering stage, even the last 4 hours; the October 23rd finale of the show" Qi Shuang Hui "is" for a special, 50 percent off scenes are represented as well-known opera. Duration: sets have learned to show characteristics of opera is famous opera drama kicked off the "female Huawen lights", the 252 words "Fu Wing" to describe the lively and noisy day of the Lantern Festival, singing and very complex performances, the actors singing and strength is a huge challenge, no one dare to touch in the opera stage has been more than 30 years. Hua Wen said: "see the light" and "female", will be back home "can be said to be the best performance of opera features of traditional drama. Especially the "light" 252 woman, "Fu Wing ‘, is not my age should choose the same actress. But in such a platform and many ancient operas are performed, spell!" Qian Huili Wang Zhiping, the famous opera selection "snakefish · library" and "Butterfly Lovers" is · and the traditional drama. Qian Huili and Wang Zhiping’s last performance was in 1987. Qian Huili said: "this is my two lost 30 years of cooperation, like".相关的主题文章: