This will be easier to know the relationship between the 4S shop sales were so (video)-97179

Know this will be easier 4S shop sales relationship was so what time to buy the most affordable ten year old sales tell you when a customer enters the showroom, will find a lot of sales staff in the exhibition hall is busy, but will only have the door in front of the sales staff will receive you, this is the order, such as 8 the salesman, work 8 hours a day, they will be divided into one hour to the door is to take over the reception frequency, today you first thing in the morning, tomorrow will be another period of time, this for the sake of fairness, the sales manager in advance by scheduling, because some time no customers, other people do not turn on do other things. In this hour if no customers come in, by a salesperson to replace you, so your day sales time is past, but does not mean that you can have a rest, and telephone reception, some customers through telephone consultation, call you received him is your customer, the customer next time to others no reception hall, if the other sales customer reception, empty sales staff to help the tea, then the salesperson will take the customer’s name, he received the phone to stay, then what a few months a few connected customers, call number to register (including telephone reception), with this to prove that the customer is his, others can not receive, because this car is sold from his salary, if I am not in may entrust my colleagues to help with Wait, but the Commission is still his. In fact, a salesman in order to get a little bit of commission or very hard, front end customers, if the deal, to run the IRS to help customers pay taxes to the garage to get the car, car wash, and some also help customers to return back the card, cars, some car owners are unskilled but also help them to drive home. After the completion of the car, but also to the computer to do information. All clients may not each is really a car, so the car registration no customers will need to return, until the defeat or the transaction, in fact the salesman’s boring, so take salary. Of course you asked to change the sales, this can be, the customer is God, you have the right to replace the other salesman to receive you, as for what they commission will solve itself, or the manager, there is a situation that is an acquaintance, the salesman can not go directly to the understanding of the process can be.相关的主题文章: