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This fall, I wait for you in the red birch…… – Sohu is a good tourism autumn harvest season, autumn wind, the sky such as washing, drive from Shijiazhuang, a road to the north, arrived in Laiyuan, the night has been deep, see the lights of the town far, there is a sense of deja vu, you come back feeling. This trip is only one destination, baishishan. Before the image of it only, the towering in the days of the glass cliff and everyone in the glass plank road on different expression package. Do not want to, not into the mountain, understand its odd, when in mountains, found here, the wind rain and cloudy sunny, more and more water changes, in 10 hours of climbing, we experienced rain, sunny, rain, clouds, lightning, hail, thunder, cloudy, that day. I understand what is " the one round, ten different days. " the experience of the rich and beautiful, deep in the memory of the brand is doomed to forget. Today when the review found that memory, in addition to the mountain odd hung show, the weather change constantly, there is a small but warm place, in the dead of the night, quietly nourishing the heart —- Baishishan red birch. Red birch and Yael yarmolenko birch, is an endangered endemic species of trees. In Kazakhstan has been included in the precious tree species. Red birch, after the nature of the thousands of years of suffering, rare. In China, Jiuzhaigou, Shennongjia nature reserve, Qinling Mountains forest and Hebei Laiyuan Baishishan forest has retained the precious red birch. In Baishishan, an altitude of 1600 meters to 2000 meters, the growth of a million acres of red birch, it is also the representative of Baishishan plant. Red birch, since ancient times known as the "love tree". She is tall and straight stems, bark as thin as paper, or red, or pink, exquisite smooth, color. The beautiful color symbolizes love hot and holy, pure and faithful. Legend, if the lover and the trees around the tree hand in hand, set a lifetime, can be good for one hundred years. Originally the mountain rain, but close to the red birch, wind clouds, day becomes bluish, like near red birch, then near sunny days of love…… turn over, a large forest is deep and shallow then floated into my eyes, at the moment, the wind is very light, very light cloud, I with a sincere heart, approached it very warily, as if the moment is approaching the love…… gently stroked a red birch bark, slowly on a slide stroke, if the creamy feeling, suddenly think if there is life, there is a beautiful red birch a bright, passionate woman, dressed in dark or light red, in love, in this red birch tree under confining laughter, he looked at her, she looked at him, holding hands with the old, as it hung in the forest of the wish card, a lifelong, beautiful life . In fact, a solemn pledge of love eventually, years of quiet good is true, no matter how strong love, it will be time to stay down, it is good. But life is fleeting, hundreds of years later, as if the red birch like stand in the mountains, cloud to cloud to smile at night, listen to blossom,.相关的主题文章: