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"There was a set of" premiere Yuan Fufu Curve Wrecker exhibition strength – Sohu subtly malicious entertainment Yuan Fufu as Ma Mingchuan Sohu entertainment news youth network movie "once upon a time there was a set of" recently premiered, the young actor Yuan Fufu to return to the campus in Ma Mingchuan high school classmate Curve Wrecker, and several male students staged a funny story through youth. "There was a set of" tells the story of a high school boy found a morning wake up time was fixed, the day to repeat the cycle, as well as a series of stories take place in the lustrous and dazzling. In the film, Yuan Fufu played by Ma Mingchuan is the deputy squad leader in the class, not only outstanding academic achievement, but also versatile, good at playing the violin, he has been the eyes of many female students worship. However, a violin prince also has the love to students subtly malicious, Ma Mingchuan snitch, also the United buddy tease other male students, so high school life seemed to be full of wit and humour that time the audience back to campus youth. It is understood that Yuan Fufu is a very good Ma Mingchuan that comes with Curve Wrecker aura and somewhat subtly malicious traits, privately under the foot work, through the design of words and actions, fill a lot of the details of daily life for people, make the character look more three-dimensional and full. Yuan Fufu grinding script of senior high school students who seize the core qualities and borrowed his high school life experience, to emphasize the role of mischievous character, to cast the proposal to increase "take the ball hit classmates", "to the teacher of the plot, the details of these very high school male students interaction style shows a good effect in the film, Yuan Fufu’s acting prowess also won the recognition of the staff.   相关的主题文章: