The woman married a few days by her husband killed his hands were cut off-plants war

The woman married a few days by her husband killed his hands were cut off after several days of original title: woman killed his hands cut off the murderer is the husband of Shandong radio and television news October 8th (reporter Song Fei) according to "chat" reports, October 6th at 10 in the morning, after a siren, a shocking news spread in the end of Linqing City Dinglicun: Villagers sister song was killed in his home! Linqing City terminal Dinglicun "neck here to kill half, almost didn’t fall down, fingers cut off two", the villagers told reporters that the brutal, start vicious, or an acquaintance (sister boyfriend Lumou). The villagers said, "sister song after divorce, with her 2 year old daughter and Lumou" married ", married for more than and 10 days, no licensing, women do not want to talk to him, he had to ask for money, the woman does not retreat." The man because of betrothal gifts with sister song played a contradiction, finally came to a knife sister song home, his sister hacked to death at home. The song sister killed the scene yard shabby, open the door, the rain, dry clothes also confiscated, this is the sister’s home, the scene is the incident. When reporters arrived, no one at home. Because of fear, song sister’s mother lived in the son’s home, she told reporters, if not at that time out, I can not live. I haven’t caught him yet. I’m afraid to stay at home." Sister Song Mother aunt to identify the scene memories, Lumou day door, she is ready to lead the granddaughter to go out to play, in the doorway met Lu sometime, the other said a peaceful solution, unexpectedly, and when she came back, Lumou has disappeared, leaving only his daughter down in a pool of blood: "to my children the head and body are cut rotten, hands off." For the rumors of the villagers, was very calm, because both parties are indeed contradiction thing the bride, but she didn’t say no returning betrothal gifts. Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: