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The United States intelligence chief: North Korea’s nuclear program and the Islamic state is a mortal malady Huitong news network February 10th, director of national intelligence said the United States on February 9th, North Korea’s expansion of the Yongbyon uranium enrichment facility and has to restart the plutonium reactor, and is developing portable long-range missiles with nuclear warheads. Clapper presented the assessment report on the major security threats facing the United States at the hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee of the United States senate. He said that North Korea announced in 2013 that it would ", renovate and restart " nuclear facilities, including uranium enrichment facilities at Yongbyon and the plutonium reactor closed in 2007. Today, plutonium reactors have been restarted for a long time and may be " in " weeks or months; plutonium production begins. Clapper said that North Korea is developing long-range missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, which will be able to pose a direct threat to the security of the United States, but the missile system has not yet been tested. In response to North Korea’s recent nuclear test and ballistic missile technology launch, clapper said it would continue to pose a serious threat to the interests of the United States and the security environment in East Asia this year. In addition, clapper pointed out that extremist organizations "Islamic state" decided to attack the United States this year. In addition to foreign terrorists, American extremists have become one of the most urgent security threats facing the United States in the 2016. The six party talks on North Korea’s nuclear issue prompted the DPRK to announce the closure of Yongbyon nuclear facilities in July 2007. In April 2013, the Korean atomic energy authority decided to adjust and change the use of existing nuclear facilities, including refurbishment and start of the Yongbyon 5 MW graphite moderated reactor. Last September 15th, the North Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute said that all nuclear facilities in Yongbyon had begun to function normally. Under the circumstances of weakening global economic situation and financial turmoil, the situation in East Asia is once more serious, the threat of terrorist attacks is rising further, and so on, which further worsens the worsening economic environment. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

美国情报头子:朝鲜核计划与“伊斯兰国”皆是心腹大患   汇通网2月10日讯——美国国家情报总监克拉珀美国时间2月9日称,朝鲜扩建了宁边的铀浓缩设施并已重启钚反应堆,同时正在研制可携带核弹头的远程导弹。   克拉珀当天在美国国会参议院军事委员会举行的听证会上就美国面临的主要安全威胁提交评估报告。他说,朝鲜曾在2013年宣布将"整修并重启"核设施,这包括位于宁边的铀浓缩设施和于2007年关闭的钚反应堆。如今,钚反应堆已重启多时,并可能在"数周或数月内"开始生产钚。   克拉珀还说,朝鲜正在研制可携带核弹头的远程导弹,这将有能力对美国的安全造成“直接威胁”,但这一导弹系统尚未进行试射。   针对朝鲜近期的核试验和利用弹道导弹技术从事发射活动,克拉珀表示,这对美国的利益和今年东亚地区的安全环境将继续造成严重威胁。   此外,克拉珀指出,极端组织“伊斯兰国”决定今年向美国本土发动袭击。除境外恐怖分子,美国本土的极端分子也已成为2016年美国面临的最紧迫的安全威胁之一。   朝核问题六方会谈促成朝鲜2007年7月宣布关闭宁边核设施。2013年4月,朝鲜原子能总局决定调整和变更现有核设施用途,包括重新整修和启动宁边5兆瓦石墨减速反应堆。去年9月15日,朝鲜原子能研究院表示,宁边所有核设施已开始正常运转。   在全球经济形势走弱、金融动荡的大环境下,东亚地区形势再度严峻,恐怖袭击威胁进一步上升等等因素或进一步对本已恶化的经济环境雪上加霜。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: