The United States Congress passed a temporary funding agreement government shut down temporarily lif exit safe mode

The United States Congress passed a temporary government funding agreement temporarily lifted – halt the threat of Beijing Beijing in September 29, according to U.S. media reports, congressional leaders on funding issues related to water pollution crisis in Flint, Michigan, to break the deadlock. In the house of representatives to reach an agreement, the Senate on the afternoon of 28 also passed a temporary appropriations bill to maintain the government continues to operate. The current federal spending authority expires at midnight on the 30, and the provisional funding act to ensure the normal operation of the federal government in December. A week long partisan gridlock on the temporary spending bill broke in early 28. Bipartisan lawmakers agreed to provide federal aid to Flint, Michigan, in a separate bill. House Speaker Paul said Ryan Flint? In the water crisis breakthrough "will help open at present in the Senate stalled government short-term spending bill. Harry, leader of the Senate Democratic Party, says a bipartisan agreement is a step in the right direction, says Mr Reed. But he will not be in place for the funds to complain. 27, the Senate failed to pass a temporary spending bill, and the water crisis in Flint is a Republican and democratic parties deadlocked issue. Democrats want to take immediate action to help Flint affected families, rather than wait until after the November presidential election. The temporary spending bill will also provide funds to help families affected by flooding in Louisiana, and to deal with the. Expected to be the fastest spending bill in the house of Representatives on the evening of 28, Obama signed by the president of the United States on the eve of 30. The bill will ensure that the federal government is functioning properly until December 9th.相关的主题文章: