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The ugliest 10 cars in the world! Sohu – car car yen value often directly affect car sales, so, arguably, car designers should make every effort to design beautiful body. However, in fact, not every car designers during the creation in the best state, but also perhaps because know more, "the quantum leap beyond the vision", I appreciate the level of ordinary people, today will take look at the car history of 10 vehicles because ugly famous car! This is from an American named Sebring-Vanguard car company from 1974 to 1977 the production of an electric car, but it is also the highest sales of electric vehicles (total 4444 units), until 2011 was beyond the Tesla Model S. It is inspired by the shape of the golf cart, grew up to be able to sell 4444 cars, had to be attributed to the United States in the 70s oil crisis of the last century, the American people in the pocket is not too much choice. The so-called retro wind small trucks produced by Nissan in 1989- ~992, the initial sales in Japan only. It is inspired by the design of the Citroen 2CV compartment version. Even the steering wheel is "single direction plagiarism" people Citroen disk design. In 2011, ·, a well-known critic of design, Barton, who wrote for the New York Times, S-Cargon as a model of postmodernism". Multipla is a Italy Fiat Corp in the production from 1998 -2010, a compact MPV, in addition to the "brilliant" appearance, its greatest feature is the front row has three seats, and it only has the same seat layout of Honda FR-V in 2004 before listing. Multipla for four consecutive years to get the British TOP GEAR magazine annual family car award, but the same car video program TOP GEAR also said it is the world’s ugliest car. The Bond Bug is a British Bond Automobile Company Limited production in 1970 ~74 years of a "small children", and the former Citicar quite a bit likeness. However, it is not the traditional "door", and out of the vehicle will need to turn on the ceiling. Unlike Citicar, the Bug uses a 0.7 litre petrol engine with a top speed of up to 122 kilometers per hour. There is a little different positioning, Bug positioning is fun to drive the car, the price of 629 pounds, was really expensive than Mini. The Zeta produced by an Australian company called Lightburn in 1963 ~1965 years, the body form of cars, convertible cars and pickups, but the total output of less than 400 units. But! The focus is on the car, which is so ugly I can understand, because the company’s main business is the production of cement mixers and washing machines…… The Ami is the French Citroen in 1961 to the production of a car in the year of the year, when the.相关的主题文章: