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The two "pengci" electric vehicle owners caught claiming to have small – Yunnan Beijing News (reporter Zhao Gang) under the old pick devious Road, pretending to fall injuries…… Working in Kunming, two villagers in Guizhou to take the electric car going somewhere on the grounds, "pengci" new partnership staged, three owners cheated thousands of dollars. In September 29th, two people in the Wuhua district court trial argued that: "Kunming has recognized the error, home there are old and small, the request for leniency." In recent years, Kunming’s traffic congestion is becoming more and more serious, while the light and handy electric vehicles has become the most convenient tool for shuttle downtown. Despite playing this kind of "black" risk free security, but many anxious business people still prefer to travel by car bargaining. Working in Kunming, two villagers in Guizhou Liu Moufei, Ma mougang saw the "business". The police investigation, March 22, 2016 18 am, Liu Moufei, Ma mougang after pre planned electric vehicles to take the Shi Moumou sand dam in the city belongs to the virtual temple, a ring road, pretending to be from the back of the car falls in need of treatment in the 533 Hospital of Kunming on the grounds, defrauded victims Shi Moumou 1050 yuan. In March 28, 2016 18, Liu Moufei, Ma mougang in the same way, in the city of Kunming Xingyao hospital defrauding victims Ma Moumou 1100 yuan. In March 30, 2016 13, the defendant Liu Moufei, Ma mougang in the same way, in the TCM Hospital of Yunnan Province Wang Moumou defrauded victims 3000 yuan. Three fraud succeeded, Liu Moufei, Ma mougang secretly proud, Anxi a fortune. As everyone knows, the police have received a number of owners of electric alarm, said the encounter pengci, was the guest to defraud. The owner said, under the circumstances, knowing each other from the car fell on the fraud, but after the accident is not clear, pay after sleep he cheated. Justice has long arms, in Liu Moufei, Ma mougang fourth trick was finally arrested. In March 31, 2016 18, Liu Moufei, Ma mougang in Kunming City Hongyun Road intersection to a nameless mountain road to the direction of the Snake Hill, in the same way to the victim Moumou fraud, arrested by police. The September 29th trial, Liu Moufei’s defence of people to produce evidence that the Liu Moufei family difficulties, there are old and small, her husband was sentenced to life imprisonment, and the defendant is surrendered, the court recommended in the exercise of discretion. But the prosecutor raised objections to the evidence, saying it had nothing to do with the case. And the two defendant captured the scene, Ma mougang body and ask for cash receipts. And the police had also received a report, the police have mastered Liu Moufei, Ma mougang facts of the crime, the two defendants not surrender nature. Even if the defendant has a small old, it can only become the driving force for her more hard work, rather than to defraud others." The prosecutor said. Subsequently, the two defendants publicly admit, would like to apologize to the victim, ask the court for leniency. The court did not in court for sentencing, Yunnan network reporters will continue to follow the progress of the matter.相关的主题文章: