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The Trump transition team to quickly help cabinet appointments – policy tendency Beijing Beijing November 13, according to foreign media reports, the meeting on second consecutive days, the transition team of US President elect Trump, cabinet and strive to quickly arrange other senior management positions. According to reports, expected in the Trump administration, the importance of the White House Office of director will increase, this is because Trump does not have a policy experience, and between the Washington power brokers also lack of contact. It is reported that the Republican National Committee Chairman Rains on bass may serve this role, in addition, the Trump Campaign Committee Chairman Stephen Bannon is also possible. But the Republican National Committee, director of communications speiser remind people don’t pay attention to those who are considered as news rumors. He told the CNN that the personnel decisions will be made by the president elect. Reported that President elect appointment to help to show their policy orientation, Trump acknowledged in a statement issued on 11, his team is considering a number of highly qualified successful leaders, these people will be able to implement the reform agenda in washington. It is reported that Trump has about 70 days to determine the 15 cabinet members and about 1000 senior officials, who need to be recognized by the senate.相关的主题文章: