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The Trump campaign manager Hilary shouted: a good reflection of their own Trump campaign manager Conway (right) and Trump. (data source: visual China) China daily on 14 November, (Pan Yiqiao) according to the "New York post" reported that U.S. President elect Donald · Trump’s campaign manager Conway said on November 13th, Hilary defeated in addition to blame themselves, not to blame anyone else. "I don’t believe that there’s always someone else’s fault," Conway said in an interview with NBC news. Sometimes, you just need to look in the mirror, reflect on what the problem is." Hilary won the most votes straight, but she lost the electoral votes, especially in support of the Democratic Party had been defeated the Midwest industrial states more surprising; she also lost about 5 million of voters have supported Obama. At the same time, Trump has received strong support from rural voters in the United states. Hilary, 12, said in a farewell call to donors, the FBI Director Comi announced before the election to investigate the "mail", which eventually led to her failure. Conway, referring to the Hilary campaign, said: "I respect them, but they are wrong in the judgment of the United states. In fact, they are out of touch with the people of the United States and the spirit of the times, and they can’t motivate a lot of Americans in their campaign. This is why many people feel unable to resonate with Hilary." Now the Republicans control both houses of Congress and the White House, the Democrats are seeking new leaders for their party. Ellison, a Democrat from Minnesota, is said to be interested in leading the Democratic National committee. Ellison is the first Muslim congressman in the United States, he proposed that the future of the Democratic Party needs to put the voters in the first place, rather than the donor in the first place". He pointed out that the FBI to investigate the "mail door" certainly did not help Hilary, and the final result depends on whether the Democratic Party to fight for the u.s.. Ellison in the American Broadcasting Company "this week" interview program said: "Trump was aware of people’s fears and concerns, and the cause of fear and concern to blame someone, it makes some people actually voted for him. At the same time, we want to unite the majority of the middle class and the masses of the concept is not popular, so we can not get what we really need or expect results." (Editor: Liu Shidongzhou, Feng Mei) (China Daily)相关的主题文章: